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The Way Love Is.

Updated on April 24, 2012

Love. What does it stand for?

Well love is an essential thing in life, unfortunately there are some people out there that don't believe in it, rather or not they do, they have loved before and will love again.

So you ask yourself, "Does she really love me?", or "Does he really love me?", well the answer to that is, only if you love them the same.

Now your asking yourself, "What the heck! That doesn't make any sense!", well it does, it just takes a while to understand.

The importance of loving another back is essential as well, because when your partner know's you love them and you've proved that by showing them in your own way.

So you obviously have to assume that they love you back, unless it a real, honest, and truthful fact they don't, and in which that case, you should move on, no man, or woman, should ever stand in your way of love, because theres too many people out there that can give you that.

Let me give you an example, this is a grim, honest tale about a certain male persuasion, "cough", yeah me, okay so it started out in High School, being a country boy like I am, I had that Mac Daddy mode going, when I met the girl of my dreams, her name was Ashley, she was blonde, beautiful, smart, and just down right awesome, we went out for 2 years, he parents thought we would marry, but all it took was a flash of a second and it was over.

So, I didn't tell you why we broke up, that's because there isn't a reason, there never really is a valid reason for why one breaks up with another, the only excuses I accept, is Cheating, Abuse, and Murder, and all that creepy stuff, but, if it's over jealousy, lying, or any other petty excuse, there is hope and always will be hope, just because love conquers all, and that is a fact, Love does, because love is a stronger bond than anyone could ever imagine, it's that thing that keep a human going, it's that thing that keep a husband working, or that thing that you dream of when you go to bed at night, what ever the case, love is here and here to stay it is, and if you don't believe in love, or have doubts about it, scroll up, and read again, or go to a different article, because this one is too amazing for you.

So on, the common problems with relationships, not matter what age really, 15-99 if you have to say, the most common are:

  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Abuse
  • or just not into you

All of those are things that we must get past, we must avoid the temptation as long as theres no temptation none of these things would happen.

Pro tip, never base your relationship off of looks, or money, those two will always and I repeat always fail you, because you won't know what love is, and you will never know.

Always accept a person as they are never go past the boundaries of rudeness with another, because that's just asking for a broken heart, I mean ofcourse it's fun to poke at one another every now and then but don't dig deep, theres things you may not want to mess with or buttons to push.

So my advice to all you lovers with problems.

Here it is.

Forget it and keep loving each other, as simple as that is it works.

Like you've heard a million times in your life, "Life is short, make the best", make the best people, and do it in love.

Love isn't a Table with 4 legs, it's a Grand Father Clock ticking away at the time, stricking a loud noise every hour - Your's truely.

How do you know your in love?

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