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Aspects of Weddings

Updated on October 8, 2009

Weddings - a blessing that can be a curse?

You probably don't have to cast around very far to remember a wedding disaster. Whether its as serious as just two people who really shouldn't have married in the first place, or something as trivial as an embarrassing trip up the aisle, weddings can and do go wrong.

On the flip side of this, you could also point to examples of relatives or friends who have had blissful decades of life together as man and wife and who still remember their special day with fondness.

So a marriage is a journey - and wedding is merely the first port of call. It's an amazingly stressful time. You have to negotiate the tone and style of the wedding between yourselves. You have to consider the venue, the guests, colour schemes, food, drink, honeymoon... and endless raft of politics and finance.

Hopefully, in the end, your special day will be worth all of that effort and money. This hub hopes to look at some aspects of what goes into a wedding and hopefully offer a little useful advice about how to make things go as smoothly as possible.

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Making The Best Man's Speech

A friend of mine was hoping to get wed and while I wasn't the best man, the speech provided by the best man was pretty awful but then he didn't even try to adress it to both the the happy couple. Then he said, "Congratulations Fiona, you've won." He brought up his drinking glass and grinned with joy as he said this, while everyone in the hall was alarmed at what he had said.

This isn't a very good best man speech for a wedding plus to start with: the bride is insulted in this situation. So, if you're invited to provide a speech as the best man, what are the conventions? Firstly, consider your close friend who is getting wed, how many years you have known him, things you've done with eachother, and just why his bride is lovely. If necessary, make a list of these things before you pen your address or, if you want to improvise, just store your essential points on an index card so you do not leave out anything.

Following this, don't get so stoned that when it is time to provide your delivery you can't even stand or you slur your speech. When you arise to give your speech, give thanks to everybody for coming before you begin to congratulate the bride and your close friend the bridegroom. A respectable best man speech may take in all the summertimes you spent together growing up or curious things you did as kids.

If you aren't a life-long close friend of the bridegroom, you probably still know him pretty well or else he wouldn't have asked you to be his best man, so you ought to be able to think of a number of humorous anecdotes regarding the pair of you. If you are a relative, brother, uncle or brother-in-law to the groom, try to talk about characteristics the bridegroom will add to the bride's family and speak about them as well.

Regardless what your human relationship is to the bridegroom, do not speak just of him and disregard the bridegroom. Not invariably, but the majority of the time, the wedding planning has taken some time so you should have enough time to think about matters to mention about the bride and the pair of them together. Good items to mention about the bride is just how fascinating she is, or what a fantastic influence she's been in the bridegroom's life.

When you speak about them in concert, seek to remember matters that make them extraordinary as a pair. Do they both bowl or partake in sports together or like the identical football team? If so, then talk about this, or if they have corresponding vocations, speak about just how they'll be in a position to heighten one another's lives through their work. Make sure your best man speech isn't overlong, because you won't be the only person talking. Most likely, the maid of honor, parents of the bride and bridegroom will also desire to speak and in these times of more than 2 parents and step-parents, it's best to keep your delivery to a minimum so they will all have time to speak.

Pursuing these tips will ensure your best man speech is one to remember so take your time when you make ready it and if you are improvising, use cards if you want to mention them in your words.

Choosing Wedding Favours

Many people underestimate wedding favors and just how much work can go into them; as a consequence they are often left until the last minute to organize. Fortunately, there are a number of different options which are very easy to arrange at the last minute. This should make things much easier for you and will be one less thing to worry about before the wedding day arrives.

An easy wedding favor option is flowers which really don't take much to arrange but guests can enjoy. There is virtually no preparation involved in this and depending on how many guests you have you may not have to order them well in advance.

A symbol of love, the red rose is one of the more popular choices and they do not require much preparation. Placing the rose on the wedding reception table where the guest are seated is a nice touch and doesn't need to be done until the last minute.

Although candy might be an easy wedding favor, it is immensely popular and with almost three out of every four weddings using it, often placed in a specially designed box. I like the idea that a number of receptions have started to use where the costly centerpiece is done away with completely. This just needs a large quantity of various candies placed in a large bowl on the middle of the table.

You can then provide each wedding guest with a small bag and a note encouraging them to enjoy the candy in the centerpiece. This could be called a self service gift because all you have to do is supply the candy and something to place it in.

An alternative to using candy is a picture frame which can double up as a place holder just for the occasion. Often when receptions have large guest lists, wrapping wedding favors can seem like a nightmare so needs to be avoided if possible. Almost all receptions have place names at the tables for the guests so this is an ideal way to present the frame without the need to spend time and more money on wrapping paper which will only be discarded.

A different but still an easy wedding favor is to supply every guest with a picture of themselves arriving at the wedding reception using the services of a professional photographer armed with a digital camera. The photos can be printed out while the reception goes on and the guests will have a pleasant surprise at the end of the evening when they leave as their photo will be waiting for them

An unusual but pleasant wedding favor is presenting each guest with a professional photograph of them arriving at the wedding. As a little extra you could ask the photographer if he could bring along a small projector and have a slide show during the reception when guest can see the photos he has taken.

Wedding Cakes

In an ever changing world it is nice to know there are some things that do not alter too quickly and one of those is the customs surrounding weddings and in particular the wedding cake. As far as we know the wedding cake has been used for hundreds of years although it was somewhat different in the distant past. Although we try to keep up with these traditions, often they are only learnt by word of mouth and so they change slowly.

The wedding cake, as far as we know, was originally made of many little wheat cakes which were broken over the head of the new bride. Although no-one knows why, this was meant to bring fertility and luck to the new bride throughout her wedded life but fortunately this is no longer done. The cake will feature in many wedding photographs so it is only fitting that the bride and groom should take some time to choose the perfect wedding cake.

Many types of wedding cakes exist today even sponge versions and the use of the traditional three tiers is not seen so often although there isn't any real limit to how many can be used. It is even possible to get one customized to a couple's own unique design and have just about any style available.

There is even a tradition about cutting the cake which was only carried out by the bride at one time as it meant that she was about to lose her virginity to the man she loved. Nowadays the meaning behind this has altered with the times and includes the groom and signals the intention of them both to share their life together.

For a long time it was believed that women who were unmarried should use a piece of wedding cake under their pillows at night when the slept as it would make them dream of the man they were to marry. This is one custom that is sure to excite the single guests at your wedding! At one time the tradition was to keep the upper tier of the wedding cake for when the couple first child was christened but gradually this has changed and it is now kept for their first wedding anniversary instead.

Another tradition was to place charms in the wedding cake, which were attached to ribbons so a bridesmaid would pull at a ribbon and depending on the charm that she uncovered, her fortune would be indicated. Many charms were used including a heart to indicate that love will be forthcoming and a horseshoe that symbolizes the owner is lucky in life although there are many others.

Wedding Photo Albums

Most modern day wedding photo albums do not look a great deal different from those of our parents; however, some newer styles are gradually beginning to appear. These albums generally have the same conventions and that means that the bride will be the first person you seen inside the cover. After this the images normally show the couple in a picturesque area of where they were married.

It would be unfair and impolite not to show off the whole wedding party in the wedding photo album next especially when they have gone too so much trouble to look their best for the day. This is a special group which is usually a combination of friends and family from both the bride and grooms side. The bride will also want a number of photos that include her surrounded by her bridesmaids for the day, exactly the same as her mother did.

Of course you cannot leave the groom out and his pictures with all his family members then once that is complete the bride will go through the same procedure. Wedding photo albums are generally large bound examples that contain pictures that are bigger than usual on pages that may be inlaid or embossed. Wedding photo albums will normally be in white with traditional decoration in the form of wedding bells and horseshoes; usually embossed to enhance the appearance further. Although the beauty of the wedding album will certainly impress people so will the way in which the images have been displayed inside so as to create maximum effect. However, almost all wedding photographers have 'gone digital' so they can supply traditional photos on paper in addition to those that can be stored on a compact disc or a digital versatile disc (DVD). The beauty of having photos placed on a digital disc is their durability and as this procedure is inexpensive, it does not add much to the overall cost of the day.

These days it is easy for the guests to have there own digital version of the wedding photo album, something that is becoming increasingly popular. There are a number of benefits to this because not only can the images be viewed as normal but also printed out in the traditional manner at home or at a regular photo printing store. This is a very versatile method of distributing images that will last for many years.


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