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The Weird Things Comfortable Couples Do in a Healthy Relationship

Updated on February 10, 2015

Happy Family

My boyfriend and I with our amazing boys
My boyfriend and I with our amazing boys

Comfortable Things That Couples do That Other Relationships Think are Weird

I have been dating my boyfriend for a couple years now. When you've been in a relationship for a long period of time like mine, you start to develop a few weird habits. Of course, neither of you will mind the weirdness, simply because you have gotten to a point in your relationship where you both are on the same page. Plus, it's a really good sign that shows that you are getting closer as a couple. Here are a few things that comfortable couples, like my boyfriend and I, started doing after we had been dating for awhile.

1. Adapt Each Others Traits

My boyfriend has several quirks about him but what stands out are the specific phrases that he always says. There are a certain words that he would pronounce incorrectly on purpose just to get a reaction out of me. Yes, it annoyed the hell out of me at first, but as annoying as it was I find myself doing the same thing. The more time I spent with my boyfriend, the more I realized I started taking on his traits and vice versa. There is no avoiding it, its just something that happened and we both didn't even realize it until other people pointed those things out to us. Now we find it hilarious how we started acting like each other.

2. Help With Health Issues

I know that there have been times where I have needed assistance with a stray hair that needed plucking or a muscle cramp that needed a good rub. There have definitely been times where my boyfriend has had a pimple that needed tending to or has had a hangover that he needed recovering from. Yes, most couples stay far away from the gross stuff when it comes to relationships, but once your comfortable with each other all your inhibitions go right out the window. You will eventually get to a point where the gross stuff doesn't matter and by asking for help with these issues is like asking for a cup of coffee, it eventually becomes no big deal.

3. Try On Clothes

There have been times when I have stayed over my significant others house, I have never had to worry about bringing a change of clothes for the following day, because he has always let me borrow a shirt or a pair of shorts. My significant other has even let me bring them home and let you hold onto them, I am sure I was supposed to bring them back but I loved feeling close to him so I just held onto them. Even though my boyfriend has never tried on my clothes, I am sure there are boyfriends out there who have acted silly and tried on your clothes in return. Lets just pray he hasn't ripped them.

4. Giving Each Other Pet Names

Once you are in a serious relationship, the pet names will eventually come and maybe some baby talk. You might be completely oblivious that you are doing it until you do this in front of your group of close friends, and then you notice they are looking at you weird. It is just one of those things you can't escape you will eventually wind up doing this when you are comfortable together.

5. Harmless Abuse

Maybe your partner likes to playfully punch you in the arm or pinch your sides. Maybe your partner likes to nibble you're ear or lick you in random places for no good reasons. It isn't sexual, it isn't even meant to be a funny gesture. It is usually just a good way to themselves entertained. But this is definitely another weird thing comfortable couples participate in.

6. Singing Songs Together

When you get to a comfortable place with someone, it's hard not to burst into song when your favorite song on the radio comes on or even make random noises. These actions don't have to make any sense, they can and will be completely random. The best part about all of this, your partner will join in which makes the whole thing a lot more fun. Hell, maybe a dance party will start.

7. You Two Have Your Own Language

There are couples out there who have there whole conversation that no one else in the room will understand, because they simply have there own type of language with each other. That couple is together so frequently that they can actually get there point across without even saying a word. It's like magic

The more comfortable you get in a relationship, the weirder the things you will do when you are together. No need to be embarrassed, these are all good signs that shows you are growing stronger as a couple. No matter how normal your friends relationships may seem, I promise you they are just as weird as you guys are when they are alone.


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