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The battle of the sexes. Relationship problems. Love & Anger in 2016

Updated on February 7, 2016

Why is it so hard to truly love?

This is the question which has followed me for most of my adult days, love has been the quest i was sent to this earth to find.

Love is a big word which means so much to so many, every living creation lives for love, love is the light of the world, it is what grows the spirit and makes sense of life. Love is attention to another living thing, it is the thought and the feeling which we send out when we see something which vibrates with our heart. Love is the vibration of energy which we all seek to find, we live for love, we want attention to our body & mind. Every living creation is capable of giving or receiving this energy, some give more and some take more.

All males and females want to share this love with each other, they want to find there true loves, there soul partners or twin flames. This is where the problem starts, we find our lover and we then want them to love us with all there attention, which would work if we was not in such a negative dramatic world. We have to work and use all our attention on other things, leaving little or no energy left for our other half, this leads to arguments for attention, we end up fighting for love.

Why is there not enough love in the world?

This is another question i am asking, the answer is because we have used it all up, there is little left, our world and bodies express this, we are tired and weak from years of negative flow. We have been in a decline in energy for thousands of years, unaware of the long downward wave of negativity due to being constantly distracted by making technological progress or attracting money for survival in these times, blocking the true flow of love, which is nature & spirit.

This has weakened our ability to share our loving time with our lover, we need to build our energy and put ourselves back into the flow of energy from source.

Males energy is ruled by the sun and they are outwardly positive and inwardly negative, females energy is ruled by the earth and are outwardly negative and inwardly positive, this balance is what attracts the two energy's together. The problem here is the negative energy in the world is at its peak, which is suppressing the positive energy, which in turn makes it hard for the couples to come together. This is shown greatly at the time of the full moon when the added negative pull of the moon affects the females bodies, this is the time males find the hardest to be around the female and conflictingly the time when the female needs more love & attention.

This is why it is a hard time for couples and they argue and feel unloved, creating confusion and separation, you will also notice that when the moon is weakest at new moon it is easier, a time of greater love due to the pressure of negativity declining.

This shows we are being affected by the positive & negative forces around us on a sub-concious level. The cycle of the universe is a pattern of positive & negative energy which sends out waves which affect the whole cosmos, we are in a time of a downward negative wave, very soon we are due to change to upward positive wave. The positive wave will bring with it a new burst of love & light energy's which will change the world and all living creatures. This is happening around us as we speak, the world is changing, we are shifting along with the wave, the planet is still in transition and being hit with mass negative & positive waves. We will be also feeling this in our emotions, one day we will be on top of the world the next buried ten feet under. Try not to get caught up in the waves, its easier said then done and we need to be balanced in our minds & bodies.

We will soon be out of conflict and heading into the positive future, be aware of the moon and the changes in energy's.

Love Life Live Long. xxx


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