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The best way to attract women

Updated on May 25, 2016


First, let me tell you a bit about myself. I used to be the guy who always went home alone. I was always the guy whining about why no woman would ever give me a chance. I was the guy always saying "nice guys finish last, that must be my problem. I just need to learn how to be a jerk!"But, after years of observation and altering my behaviors, I came to a pretty radical conclusion: ANY man can get ANY woman. You just have to approach them the right way. You can't just walk up to a gorgeous woman, tell her she's beautiful and expect her to melt into your arms at the compliment. She's gorgeous! She gets compliments on her looks twenty times a day! You have to do something unique, something original, something memorable! That's the way to get her attention.So, in the following, I'm going to explain to you, step by step, exactly what you need to do differently to help you attract the woman of your dreams (even if she's only the woman of your dreams for tonight).


Number 1

Remember that women are attracted to confidence more than anything else. Any whining, sniveling or approval seeking and you may as well just go home. You are THE MAN. You can have any woman you want, they will all bow and grovel at your feet because you are the man. Keep that attitude, and the rest will come.Probably the most successful approach to this is something that a friend of mine once called 'cocky humor.' Put simply, this just means that in your confidence, it's okay to be a little cocky, just don't let it breech the line into conceit. There is a fine line between cocky and conceited. You have to learn to walk that line as closely as you can. But just being cocky isn't enough, you have to be funny while your being cocky. Just being an arrogant ass isn't going to earn you any points with the ladies, but if you can make them laugh while you're doing it, then you've got it made.

Number 2

You need to look and smell your best. Now, this is not to say that you need to be the best looking guy in the room. Far from it. But you need to do all you can to look your best. A woman can sense if you put time and effort into your appearance, and that will be a huge determining factor as to whether or not she will talk to you or take you seriously. And nobody wants to be around someone who doesn't smell nice. Even us guys, we want a woman who smells good. We will often pass up a more attractive woman for one who smells good.Well, guess what?That's right, women do the same thing.

Number 3

Remember that body language says far more to a woman than your words do, so your body needs to say "I'm sexy, I'm funny, and nobody here is going to give you anything that I can't."How do you do that, you ask?Well, it's really very simple. First, proper posture. Stand up tall and straight. But relax, don't hold yourself rigid. You just make yourself look nervous if you do that. When you sit, sit up straight, but take up as much space as you can. Spread your legs out, for crying out loud don't cross them!.

Number 4

The way you speak is very important. If you have a naturally high voice, practice speaking in a lower octave. Now, I'm not saying you should speak in an unnatural bass that sounds ridiculous. That won't get you anywhere. But if you practice a subtle drop in your tone, before long it will become natural enough that you can speak that way in public and sound perfectly comfortable. That's what you need!

Number 5

That first interaction with a woman will set the stage for anything further that may come. This may shock you, but the fact is that on average, a woman makes her decision as to whether or not she will sleep with you in the first thirteen seconds of your interaction.

Yep, it's that quick. So you'd better make that first impression count!

So, here's the low down: Make it original, make it unique, make it funny. Do something no one else does. Don't just walk up and say "hey beautiful." That won't get your anywhere. However, if you walk up and say "hey, nice shoes," you're going to make an impression. And for two reasons. Number one, this woman has probably never in her entire life seen a man pay even the slightest attention to her shoes, and two, women love shoes. It's a simple fact. And if you can back up that statement with a little real knowledge of women's shoes (come on, just do the research. You can find anything and everything you could ever think about knowing about women's shoes on the Internet in an afternoon. Easily.), You're going to absolutely show her something that she's never seen before.

So you're already off to a great start. But once you've got it started, you have to keep it going. But this is where it gets a little tricky.

First, keep up with current events and make sure you have at least twenty punch-lines dealing with popular, 'trending' topics stored away at all times, so that if there is ever a lull in conversation, you can drop a bomb and make her laugh, and then she'll likely go on about whatever you said for at least five minutes.

However, the flip side to that, you can't let yourself appear too interested. And this is the tricky part. You have to show interest, or else she wouldn't be talking to you. No woman is dense enough not to understand that. But if you're too interested then you seem desperate and she will move on.

So, here's the tip, a little trick that a buddy of mine calls 'active disinterest.'

Did that break your brain?

It did mine when I first heard it.

So, what is active disinterest? Well, put plainly, it is actively showing that gorgeous lady that you don't much care if she's talking to you or not, but then you keep talking to her, so it keeps her on the edge of her seat because she's not sure exactly which thousand words your actions are speaking.

Well, how do I do that, you ask? It's not really all that difficult. While she's speaking, don't look at her. Look somewhere else. People watch. If there's a TV, watch it, even if you are internally hanging on every word she says, make it look as if your not paying any attention.

But not for too long. You over do it, and she'll move on to someone who will give her more attention. And, again, keep dropping those cocky and humorous lines to keep her hanging on your every word. If you have an opportunity to watch another sexy woman walk by, DO IT! And don't be subtle about it. It lets her know that she has in no way 'won' you, and that you're still playing the field, so she'd better do something interesting to keep YOUR interest.

Sound mind blowing? It did to me when I first discovered it.

Number 6

After you've been talking for a while, invite her to go somewhere with you. It doesn't matter where. It can even be just to another area of the party or club or wherever you happen to be.

And the reason is this, when she goes somewhere with you, even just to another room of the party, or to the outdoor patio of the club, in her mind, it feels like you just went somewhere together, so you're on a date. Which makes it that much more likely that when you make the offer, she will go home with you.

Closing Thoughts

On a final note, if you do ask her for her phone number (and let's face it, unless you got her to go home with you and you had mind blowing- or, not so mind blowing -sex that you don't care to repeat, why wouldn't you?), and this is key, don't say "I'll call you," and don't say "talk to you soon," or any other needy thing like that. Just say, "okay, cool. If I have time, I might call you." And just let her stew in that for a while.

Absolutely do NOT call her the next day, or even the day after that. But, beyond that, it's your call. There is no real "right" time to call, just don't do it in the first two days.

In a nutshell, that's pretty much it. Follow my advice, and practice, practice, practice, and you'll be bringing girls home and getting dates whenever you want. Enjoy.


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