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The cell phone on a date

Updated on August 7, 2016
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Ever go out on a date and your date is more interested in their cell phone than you? What happened to respectful conversation or normal communication? The necessity of having a cell phone with you in case of an emergency is totally comprehensible; but today cell phones aren’t even used for phone calls. It is a tool for social media, texting and email. It’s become an “addiction”

The social media of today DOES & CAN have an impact on relationships IF YOU allow it too. Don’t fall into the statistics. You don’t need to fall into the category where you find out your boy/girlfriend broke up with you because they changed their relationship status on their profile. Even worse they text you it’s over or send you a long apologetic email. How sad is this?

What is happening to conversation in relationships lately? For that matter in general, what is wrong with people? Are we becoming an obsolete society that we use technology to communicate now? Clearly we’re half way there.

So when you’re going out on a date do yourself and your date a huge favor don’t bring your cell phone wherever the two of you meet. This is the best solution for two people to get to know one another verbally without interruptions from a text, tweet or update. It’s bad enough that people; family, kids all have some trouble communicating. You don’t need to begin with this issue on a date.

If you’re going to enter into a relationship have the decency to communicate with your partner the natural way. Leave your cell phone in the car on a date, put it aside during lunch, dinner with your kids, turn it off in late evening hours (if possible) Take the time to VERBALLY COMMUNICATE with your partner and loved ones, the sound of someone’s voice can be exhilarating! Only you can decide how you want to be heard. Do you want to be the one waiting for your date to finish texting someone during your dinner? Where is the respect?

The internet (social websites) has taken a huge toll on relationships and families with all the tweets and whatnots. Couples and families are spending less time communicating with each other because they’re so occupied by trying to keep up with the social media. People need to focus on the reality of life. Don’t spend most of your time reading Facebook, twitter and all others; it was built for fun. Don’t let fun rule over what’s more important and realistic in life.

So with all this said; put your cell phone away, limit your time to social media and open your eyes to the life and people in front of you.


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    • Herlinda Rocha profile image

      Herlinda Rocha 20 months ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Well said.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 20 months ago

      Never ignore "red flags"!

      If something doesn't (feel right to you) it's probably not right for you!

      "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

      - Oscar Wilde

      I believe people who pull their cell phones out on dates are clearly giving you the signal that they aren't "into you" or don't believe you're special.

      The most important thing is for everyone to have their own "screening process" or list of traits they want or don't want in a partner.

      A mistake a lot of folks make is investing time and energy into trying to get people to "change". This leads to frustration on their part and resentment on the part of their would be mate.

      Lets face it very few people are walking around with one hand raised in the air screaming: "I'm looking for someone to change me!"

      If they spend the date looking at their cell phone scratch them off of your list.

      By and large people only change when (they) are unhappy.

      The goal should be to find someone who (already is) the kind of person you want to be with. Compatibility trumps compromise!

      If you have to teach someone how to treat you they aren't "the one".