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The end of love

Updated on June 21, 2015

Welcome Readers

Ending a relationship with someone that you thought was so strong can hurt beyond words. Especially because you're left wondering why? Even though ending a relationship is totally different from an actual divorce. You do feel badly because you invested your time into a failed relationship. This article isn't about giving anyone advice, its about exploring those feelings that consume you inside. So if your suffering from the ending of a love that once felt so enticing then this article is for you.

love is like a dance
love is like a dance | Source

When love hurts

Remember those days when you was single, young, and desperate to be in love? No one ever completely warned you about how loved worked. Now, once your in a hot and heavy relationship it is everyone's desire to keep the love going. Simply because no one likes how love can end, or seeing love turn into a painful scream inside your mind. Alas, you stumble upon the ending of the love you was in by circumstance.

The first day you wake alone in along time. Your heart is in so much pain you can barely find the words to speak. Sometimes love can be extremely painful because your love wasn't meant to be. It was meant for you to observe your weakness, your skeletons in your closet and change yourself. The one emotion we all fear the most is change because that means you have to look at yourself.

sometimes you must realize its time for solo dance
sometimes you must realize its time for solo dance | Source

Love isn't blameless

As much as we take comfort in blaming others, for you to truly grow you must look within yourself. Sometimes love that isn't mature must go through bad periods for you to see how to handle things better. Even if your relationship failed solely because of the other person's actions. One must ask themselves why did I pick this person? What attracted me to this person? What red flags didn't I see or acknowledge? What mistakes have I made in that relationship? How can I be a better person?

Obviously sometimes we can't remember all the things that enticed us into that relationship. That is okay, with love you must understand that blame, shame, anger, and hate doesn't always have a face or reason. Sometimes love can be joyful and painful all the same time. You must seek inner understand and live your life from this day forward.

great song!!


It hurts

A true ending to any love story always will have its own set of painful memories. It is that bitter taste of hurt that will drive you to a very lonesome place. Just because it is convenient doesn't mean that it is healthy. Separation from someone you held in your heart will never be easy. Although all hope is never lost. The amazing thing about human biology is that we adapt and move on. Remember your pain is never for nothing, your pain will lead you to recovery. To a better a place in time.


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