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The Fight for Gay Equality: Perception of the Future

Updated on April 21, 2017

How long do you think it will take for the whole United States to allow marriage equality?

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Hopefully, gay people will be granted their full constitutional rights in this generation. I hope that people that are actively fighting to have their poisonous views be law in this nation will be defeated, so that we can become the generation that ends the delay in granting gay people their rights.

The way that past generations are looked at (or should be looked at) for the actions during slavery, women's suffrage, and the civil rights movement are how the last generation before gay equality will be looked at in the future.

Thankfully, the people who are fighting against giving people the same rights as they deserve are diminishing in number and eventually will be insignificant enough to dismiss.

It's time for people to get over it

It's simply stunning how people have the inability to connect their oppression of gay people to how the same kinds of people suppress/ed minorities, women, etc. It's bizarre when people attempt to use their religion as a means to suppress other people when they ignore other parts. And I'm glad they do, or they would be even worse people than they already are.

They hold onto this part of their belief desperately. For some people, I do think they are brainwashed into their beliefs and don't have the ability to think about things like equality from a logical and common sense perspective. They are so ingrained by the religion that suppresses them, they believe that's how they should act and that they are acting morally.

People use a line of reasoning that makes no sense at all. It would be like if I were actively attempt to ban people from eating tomatoes because I don't like them. It makes no sense to infringe on other's rights just because it may not be your preference.

The debate over this is quite simple. You either support equal rights or you don't. Whether someone chooses to be gay or not doesn't change the rights they should have. it's a silly thing to try to control what two consenting adults do when it doesn't affect anyone but those two particular people.

Eventually they will

People that are anti-gay right now will eventually lose their influence and there voice will be drowned out by the common sense thoughts about gay rights that many youth have today. Once the current older generations goes away, the people of this generation will have no problem passing laws that allow gay people to be treated the same under the law.

I hope that it happens sooner than that, but the older demographic are more against gay marriage, statistically, than other demographics. The younger generations are more accepting, statistically, than other demographics. I except that trend to continue and will eventually overwhelm the people who insist on pushing their baseless and homophobic views onto others and into the law of the land.

There will be a day, hopefully quite soon, where being anti-gay won't be a political stance that a person or party can take and have any support. Right now, a lot of Republicans take pride in being anti-gay.

Much like how people used to take pride in supporting segregation and racism.

Eventually those ideas and the support the for those ideas will fade and be left in the past where they should be left.

The history books

When new history books are written, the good ones will include the fight for equal protection under than law for gay people. Hopefully, they talk about the true reasons behind the delay in the achievement of equality under the law and not try to put every person of a time period together.

Accurate history books will talk about the role of religion in suppressing the rights of others and how that applied to the equal marriage movement. The books should talk about how these segments held onto their horrible convictions for as long they could.

Once there is full protection under the law for gay people, I believe we will see a lot of what has been seen with black people after the civil rights movement. Many people will still be racist or against certain groups of the general population, but they will be shamed for it and not accepted for it, generally.

Groups that fight against "the homosexual agenda" will stay around for many years to come, but hopefully they start to become as relevant as the KKK is today in policy making and public opinion. Hopefully, they have even less of an influence than that group still manages to have even today.

Organization that claim they have the right to refuse service to gay people because they are gay will be compared to the places and states that tried to hold onto segregation as long as they could.

How we are viewed in the history books will largely depend on how much longer before we start allowing gay people to have the rights they should already have.


When future generations are looking back at how people could be against gay people like they were against black or have slaves, they will hopefully be identify the biggest factor in these terrible things lasting as long as they did or do. And that would be tradition.

Something ingrained in us all wants to adhere to traditions, big and small. That could be as simply as waking up around the same time everyday, or something much bigger like the language you speak. Tradition does some good by keeping good ideas alive, but it also keeps the bad one.

In order for societies to develop, they often to have to shed and/or change traditions and doing that is nearly or completely impossible for a lot of people to do. To look at where you came from and say they were wrong is difficult to do for some people.

Not for me personally, but most people aren't like me.

Connections to be drawn to religion

Historians will have an easy job connecting the dots throughout history to the causes of the continued oppression of various groups. Religion is a common thread in many of the civil rights issues there have been throughout time.

Religion fought to keep slaves because of the bible. It also fought to keep women from having equal rights. And from people from marrying outside of their race.

I cannot think of a moment in history to where a religion or religions was the catalyst for positive change in the world. The only consistent thing between them all is that they live in the past and try to hold onto it no matter what.

In theory, gay rights should be one of the last shackles that will eventually be freed. And I can't think of any reason why it hasn't always been a right except for religion.

There are many problems that religion creates and maintain, but one of the biggest thing it does it to limit the freedom of it's followers and the freedom of others who want nothing to do with their antiqued religions.

Perfect world

There will probably never be a world that is "perfect." A world that respects and treats all people equitably will probably never exists.

Even though it is impossible, it's still vitally important to continue to change and develop society in ways that will be beneficial to the general growth of people and society as a whole.

I hope that in a 100 years, society is much better off than we are today. And I think that we will. I think the world will continue to progress forward as time goes. People will resist change, but eventually, change will win out.


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  • Larry Rankin profile image

    Larry Rankin 

    3 years ago from Oklahoma

    Wonderful hub. Thank goodness for the recent landmark decision.

  • thunkfulthinker profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago from Ohio

    Say Yes,

    Very interesting stuff.

  • Say Yes To Life profile image

    Yoleen Lucas 

    3 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

    I am ALL for gay marriage. I believe the worst thing a gay person can do is marry the opposite sex in an attempt to contort themselves into being straight. The truth eventually comes out, and the innocent party is traumatized (actually, they're both innocent parties).

    I also believe homosexuality is nature's form of population control. Ever notice most gays can be found in crowded urban metropolises? Also, religions from sparsely populated countries, such as the Middle East, discriminate against gays (the Abrahamic faiths), whereas those from more crowded countries, such as India, accept them (Hindu-based religions). Now that infant mortality in America is much lower than in the past, we can afford to see homosexuality as not nearly as much of a threat.

    One myth that needs to be debunked is that men who molest boys are homosexual. Actually, the vast majority of them are heterosexual, with some being married. Here's a link:

  • thunkfulthinker profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago from Ohio


    While I agree with your assessment of the biblical god and the benefit of the bible. I'm not trying to say it is good. But people do use it to get morality from, which they shouldn't.

    I don't know anything about what you're saying about the rest of that. I haven't heard of any of that stuff other than church leaders knowing about the many problems of the bible.

  • theman6007 profile image

    Steven Jerome 

    3 years ago from Baltimore

    Have you ever read about the immoral characters in the Bible who were blessed, King David, King Solomon, Abraham,and then you have GOD punishing the Israelite's for not committing mass murder. So who said it was a book on Morality. Church leaders know about the fallacies in the Bible, but they can't tell the people for fear of losing their lively hood. The book was commissioned by a secret society of Gay men. Just go deep in to Church history

  • thunkfulthinker profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago from Ohio


    While I do agree that money plays a factor, it plays less of one than in the civil rights movements or other movements because of the more widespread ability of gays to be invoked in the economy.

    Many people attempt to justify being anti gay by using the bible. People try to use it to justify whatever morality they want to derive from it. That's how I see it being used today.

  • theman6007 profile image

    Steven Jerome 

    3 years ago from Baltimore

    A persons sexuality is his or her affair, however I don't think people should be guided through any type of orientation by way of mass media. Now when you mention the Bible as the authority on human behavior, you must understand that it is a book of codes for the ruling class. On one side of the gay debate you have marketers and on the other side you have those who want to maintain the status quo . The two sides persisted even during the civil rights movement. Some Jews pushed for integration so that Blacks would be able to shop in their stores on Peachtree street in Atlanta, GA I saw the Spin Arn award which is given to civil rights activist. Spin Arn is the Jew who financed the movement. Gays will have equality because money is at stake. But gays will be hated by conservatives until many conservatives are bold enough to come out of the closet


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