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The Game of L.O.V.E!

Updated on September 7, 2017

Love, sweet love

The "One"

In a constant search to find the elusive one, did we forget what that actually means? In today's modern times, chivalry and gentlemanly behaviour, is equally replaced with rude rebuttals and what I like to call the split shift, i.e each person pays their way on a date or in some instances throughout the relationship. Where is the romance in that!?

Being an old fashioned gal I believe a woman should always be treated like a princess. We want to feel loved, valued and prioritised. Equally, it must be said that every woman should treat her man with respect. Ladies, there is nothing wrong with letting your guard down and allowing your man to help you and be there for you and men, treat your lady as if she is your most cherished treasure.

Let's be honest though, no man wants a prude and men are visually stimulated, so girls this doesn't mean you cant give him a peek at the goods BUT by no means let him have the whole bag of candy. You want him to want to work for you, to chase you.

So many websites offer useful advice on dating do's and dont's, most come with a price, i.e you have to buy a copy of the latest MUST READ etc. or there are so many conflicting opinions, it's difficult to keep track. I have taken the liberty of making myself a relationship guinea pig so that all the advice I give you, comes from knowing what works and what doesn't.

First things first though ladies, remember you ALWAYS have to look your best. Yes, it's tiresome having to look posh and polished all the time, but if you want to get the right man, that's what it's going to take, this may sound somewhat archaic but in my opinion, this is the best approach, be a lady, dress the part. If he wanted someone in baggy sweats and a vest, he would date one of his mates. Men want someone they can be proud of, in essence, to show off, as this is a status or representation of their manhood, i.e how impressive it is. Go ahead and treat yourself to a good mani and a pedi. Well manicured finger and toe nails are a must. Get those legs shaved or waxed, trust me, the day you think it doesn't matter, IT DOES! Nothing worse than your potential man affectionately rubbing your leg and having to be rushed off to an emergency clinic for splinter removals. Ok, a bit dramatic but you get the point. NO HAIRY SCARY LEGS!

In my next blog, I'll go over wardrobe and whether or not you should arrive first at your meeting spot, whether or not he should he pick you up and what are the best places for an intimate yet friendly first date get together.


Lets talk about sex baby

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    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California

      Funny Hub! Huh, I certainly don't mind that your point of view would mean a good excuse to pamper yourself and look good :) Just so long as you're happy!