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The geek girl's way of finding out if your boyfriend is cheating on you and who the bitch is

Updated on May 28, 2011

Let's face it, men are weak when it comes to the opposite sex...or in general. It's one of the main reasons sexy women are used in advertising aimed at male populations. A woman is a great treasure for a man - source of bodily pleasures, preparer of food, keeper of the household, eye candy - for a typical man having a woman at his side is the most awesome thing in the world. Some men like to have two,three,four women of different colored hair to match their mood, much like women like to have many shoes to match their many handbags, even if they can't really wear 2 pairs of shoes at the same time. But some men are pretty talented at having multiple women at the same time and often they are encouraged by their male friends and even the media to do so. Having many women at the same time does have several psychological effects on a man:

  • It makes him feel really macho, like, better than men who have only one puny woman
  • It makes them feel smart as those pretty women are too dumb to notice, which makes him feel superior to a woman, which boosts his crippled self esteem (many men are intimidated by women)
  • Having many women is also a status symbol promoted by the media which makes the man feel like James Bond instead of Joe Averagino
  • They fulfill their biological urges, acting out the desire to mate with many women to spread their offspring even though most of it ends up on different body parts and furniture anyway.
  • They like the rush of having a secret and they are convinced they can get away with it if they play it right, much like the sensation of gambling
  • Girls are pretty and men are easily overwhelmed by how many pretty girls there are and just can't decide

There are many reasons men succumb to their weakness, especially in these modern days where flirting via Facebook or Web Cam sites has become a favorite pastime when nobody's looking. Fact is, if they do that they don't really acknowledge that this kind of behavior is hurtful to the girl they have a relationship with as "what she don't know ain't gonna hurt her".

At this point I want to remind you that men are men and that they have cheated on their women since the dawn of time. If you can tolerate the occasional flirt by your beloved,don't bother to use these techniques as they will bring you more harm than good.

At times it is important to have trust instead of certainty. But if you suspect that your trust has been betrayed and you need certainty for the sake of your sanity, it helps to know weather the man you are with is able to sustain a healthy relationship or weather he is still living out his teenage sex fever.

Think about it and think about it twice, be sure you are making a wise decision before you use these techniques. It is one thing to protect yourself from a man who betrays your trust but it is another thing to invade someone's privacy on purpose. In some countries you can face legal charges for abusing these techniques so be warned and play your cards well.

Let's get to the dirty tricks

Ok, now that you understand that you may not abuse your new knowledge, here are a few simple methods how to uncover a cheater. Let's fight fire with fire and dirty tricks with dirty tricks.
Most men don't expect women to have a lot of PC/MAC expertise and will leave many traces of their infidelities on their computer. Let's see how we can use this to our advantage shall we?

Traces in history

Most browsers log the websites you visits in their history, this way you can check out what kind sites your loved one has been visiting and when. You can usually access the history from the menu bar. In Firefox you can view the history by going to History > Show All History or by pressing Ctrl+H on the keyboard. In Chrome you can access the history by clicking on the little wrench icon in the top right corner and clicking History.

Keep in mind that some guys are neat when it comes to leaving traces so they might clear their history after a flirting session is over. In this case his history will be cleared...but this can also be a sign,if he is clearing his history every time, you can be pretty sure that something fishy is going on. But beware of false conclusions,if the computer he is using is a shared computer he might just be concerned about his privacy.

Also keep in mind that Google Chrome has a neat little option called "New Incognito window" which can also be accessed by using the little wrench in the top right corner. When he opens a n Incognito Window in Chrome,none of the websites he visits in this window will be logged in the history.

The passwords to his heart

In Firefox, the saved passwords feature is a double edged sword. Sure it gives him the comfort of not having to type in his password every time, but on the other hand it enables pretty much anyone with access to his computer to view his saved passwords. This works only if the master password has not been set.

Sometimes you might want to check out his email or facebook accounts and see if there is any kind of compromising material on there. Careless cheaters often keep chats, mails and messages on their accounts and this can help you determine the severity of the cheating as well as the person or persons involved. If you want to read his unread mail, be sure to mark it as unread after you're done so he doesn't suspect anything.

Follow the instructions below:

Open Firefox, in the menu find Tools   Options
Open Firefox, in the menu find Tools Options
In the Options window find the Security tab and click on it. If the "Change Master Password" button is disabled that means that no master password has been set, which means you can continue by pressing the "Saved passwords..." button
In the Options window find the Security tab and click on it. If the "Change Master Password" button is disabled that means that no master password has been set, which means you can continue by pressing the "Saved passwords..." button
Now, you can see all of the websites which he has saved passwords on together with his usernames. Click "Show Passwords" and when prompted click "Yes".
Now, you can see all of the websites which he has saved passwords on together with his usernames. Click "Show Passwords" and when prompted click "Yes".

Hardcore stealth surveillance

At times you might need to get hold of some hardcore surveillance methods, here I will give you some links to free software and short introductions on how to use them. This kind of software is usually called "key-logger" which, as the name implies, logs all entered keystrokes from the moment the program is active, which enables you to later read all the text which has been typed.These programs are sometimes used by corporations to spy on their employees and find out if they are slacking on the job or to catch industrial spies.

This is usually a stealth process which is hidden from the computer user and does not show up in the task bar,notification area and in some cases not even the task manager. It is called up by a secret password or combination of keys only you know.

Some key-loggers have the ability to record screenshots and voice chats but I only found one program which offers these features for free (see RECOMMENDED in the links section below) the rest cost extra, though some of them offer a trial period of 15-30 days which might be just enough for you to uncover a cheater.

You need access to your boyfriend's computer and some alone time with it so you can install and configure the key-logger. Some keyloggers offer email-based logging which means that once you install the software and configured email logging, you will get all the screenshots and logs sent directly to your email so you don't even have to have access to his PC after that, making it an awesome tool for revenge as well.

If your BF has an antivirus installed,in some cases you will have to add an exception to an antivirus program as many antiviruses detect false positives when key-loggers are installed because many viruses use the same technology to spy on people. The links below show only software which is not harmful and as such you may add the exceptions to the antiviruses without concern.

How to add antivirus exceptions:
(Covers AVG, Avast, Norton, Nod 32, Panda and Avira)

Below is a list of links to free and paid key-loggers which you can use to track your boyfriend's every move online. Test the software on your own PC first before trying it on your boyfriend's so you get the hang of it and know whch one works best for you and how to configure it. Copy the installation to a USB flash drive and keep it near you,wait until you have the chance to install it.

The first program in the list is free and should do the job,it also has email-logging so you get periodic surveillance emails from your BF's computer. They also have a version for Android phones which you can also use if you would like to tap his phone as well.


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      Anonymous 3 years ago

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    • all200 profile image

      all200 6 years ago

      Sometimes that is simply hard to do. I personally lived through the horror of my man's infidelity and it simply made me more alert and aware of what goes on in the world. It's been 7 years since, and now being aware of things I simply don't let things happen. Well, my man is still to this day under my personal survailance (I keep my eye on him one way or another), and being aware of things, I mange to turn things around, do things and say things that simply keeps him more focused on me and our life together. Men are like little kids. You need to control them in an invisable way.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 6 years ago

      The number one reason someone suspects their mate is cheating is because they’ve observed a change in the behavior or treatment they’re getting from them.

      I suspect if one does the research or hires a private detective that determines her mate is “Not cheating” she is not going to suddenly jump up and down with joy! If you’re “unhappy” in your relationship it really won’t matter if it turns out your mate is cheating or not. My advice has always been trust your instincts. If you believe your mate is cheating on you assume that you’re right and move on. Even if you’re wrong you aren’t happy with the way things are. You’re better off being with someone who actually “wants” to give you the things you need in a relationship. You don’t negotiate for love and affection. (They’re given freely) and You don’t manufacture chemistry. (It’s either there or it’s not).Since people change only when THEY want to change you are better off finding someone who :”already is” what you want in a mate. Life is too short to take on a part-time job as a private eye. If you don’t trust him, dump him!