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The girl on the A train

Updated on April 24, 2017

Who am I

The girl is sitting on the train and thinking to herself what does she want to do in life? It’s like a part of her wants to do something amazing other part’s just wants to give up and be like everyone else. I am that girl on the train. I know I am only 19 years old, but what is life if you don’t know what you want. I see myself making something out of myself in life and saying fuck everyone. I know once I get my money up and my life on track everyone is going to be coming my way and wanted to be in my life. For what? The money, the fame? Why is it that people are so money hungry and always want something from someone? I’m writing this story to tell the world how I laughed, lived, been thru the struggle of life, and still in the life of the struggle. My name is Audrey Laudenbach, I know funny name right, my last name is germen and first name my mom just liked it for whatever reason. I was born in Easton Pennsylvania and believe me it’s the most boring place in the whole world in my book. I thought growing up I would have been in college had a car and place by the time I was 17 years old. It didn’t turn out that way what so ever. I sit here at the age of 19 with no car no job no high school diploma nothing but the thoughts of what I could have been. I do blame myself for not getting that far in life. I was always worried about other people and not myself. But know I realized that maybe it was supposed to happen this way, maybe I was supposed to go through all the struggle for a reason. Just not sure what it is yet.



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      Taylor 7 months ago

      Very nice I want to hear more