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The greedy friend

Updated on September 3, 2013

Some friends we have in life are good and others aren't. Some of us at one time or another had the friend who got on our nerves.

If you have a friend who is greedy then that could be a problem. Even if you are a push over or a people pleaser it will get to you. Your friend comes into your house and takes the remote control from you. It's your birthday and she won't go where you want to celebrate just because she doesn't like the place.

If you have a friend who makes you feel that you are second then that could be a problem. For instance you call her on Monday to hang out Friday, her response is "I have to see what I am doing." Right then and there she is putting you second.

By her waiting to give you an answer shows that you are not a priority in her life. She has to wait if she gets asked out on a date or has something better to do. If she is free or not doing anything then she will hang out with you. A true friend will tell you yes or no. She will make plans with you and if another opportunity comes along she won't cancel.

If you get along but have a friend like that maybe it's best if you are not together 24/7. The rules for relationships go the same for friendships. It's all about putting the other person first and show them that you care about them. Try going out and making friends with people who make you feel that you are a priority in their life. There is a saying "Don't make someone a priority who is making you an option."


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