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The grooms wedding speech not the new years eve speech

Updated on January 3, 2012

Speech by the groom

Chances are if your reading this you have a wedding to go to, and even more likely your the lucky groom so congratulations on your forth coming day.

Now as the groom you have plenty to think about leading upto the big day and on your mind will be the grooms speech.Well the good news is that the best man will be more nervous about it than you because he will have a lot more to say on the day.

Now i am only going by my own wedding day experience of giving a grooms speech.Now our wedding was not traditional so if you wish to follow be a little more traditional i will add some tips further down the page.

The best advice i can give for your wedding speech is don't worry about being the next Chris Rock your not there to provide the entertainment, your family and friends will be happy enough for you just for the fact that you have got married.

You will need to have a good think about what you would like to say in your speech and the best way is to write down some bullet points which you can have with you when you make the speech this will make you less nervous.Try not to worry too much about memorising everything you want to say as you might just get into a muddle at the same time you don't want to reading a speech off of a piece of paper.

So to start off your speech it customary to start with a good Afternoon/Evening and mention how pleased you are to see everyone who has turned up to share your big day with you.

You can also mention the venue set up and compliment the people involved and tell them how lovely it looks.

Thank the Father of the Bride and then the best man for their speeches, and this is where you can add a little comedy by commenting on the best man's speech as there is no doubt something he would of said to embarrass you but you either think of something before hand or Ad lib at the time.

You can then go onto some of the other thankyous for the bridesmaids and the 2 mothers and thank them for all their help and support.Its nice if before hand you can arrange the gifts or flowers and ask one of the Children to hand these out its a nice touch or pageboy if your having a more traditional wedding.

After this its your time to shine and this part of the speech in my opinion comes from the heart.You can first mention a little bit about how you met and the time leading up to the wedding.

Then tell your guests and your wife just how much you feel about her and love her and reassure everyone that you will be happy together.This is the part i cant really tell you what to say as only you know in your heart how you feel and your wife should be inspiration enough for you to find the words.

I can assure you that there will not be a dry eye in the house if you nail this part of your speech and both families will truly know how you feel..All that's left then is to raise a toast to your new wife and then tell everyone to enjoy the rest of the evening and this is when you can enjoy as well as you have only got the first dance to worry about then but that's an entirely different Hubpage!!!!

Wedding day happiness

David and Victoria Beckham wedding day
David and Victoria Beckham wedding day

The traditional order of wedding speeches

The traditional order of the speeches is as follows but in modern weddings nowadays there dosnt have to be any set rules. Some weddings have an open mic where other people can add there own speeches or words of support and some weddings the Bride will also make a speech but alot of it is down to preference but as long as you have some kind of order before the speeches begin then thaats fine.

  • The Father of the Bride Speech
  • The Groom's Speech
  • The Best Man's Speech

Wedding day speeches Dos and Donts!!

Do stand while making your speech (as long as your physically able to do so)

Do keep any stories short and to the point

Do remember to toast

Do remember your thankyous

Do try to keep your speech light hearted and not too serious apart from the end when you tell everyone your feelings towards your wife

Dont Swear or tell offensive jokes

Dont be rude to your wife or family or inlaws even in a joking kind of way its not the occasion

Dont mention the more outrageous parts of the stag do this is best left on the stag do!!!!


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