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How Homophobes Are Supporting Gay People Without Knowing It

Updated on August 16, 2018
Alessio Ganci profile image

Human relationships, families: sometimes I like to get deep into these topics, by expressing my personal opinions!

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There are good men and evil ones. This is an evident fact and nobody can change that. Homophobes always existed, and they will continue to do so. Nobody can pretend all people are smart enough to know we are all equal regardless of our sexual orientation: you will find bigots who quote Bible in order to convince you gay people are wrong. Other ones will just say it is a shame they are allowed to get married or to kiss their boyfriends in public places. Unfortunately, many types of closed-minded people exist in this world, and the only good solution consists in ignoring them, also because it is very difficult to open a homophobe's mind. In addition we can contrast these bigot people, for example by observing they are completely incoherent: in fact they are against homosexuals, but they are customers of companies which are openly gay-friendly. They argue against homosexuals, they hurt them, but they are not willing to be coherent and stop enjoying all the services provided by gay-friendly companies.

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

— Nelson Mandela

Searching on Google

Everyone uses Google everyday to search for information. So also homophobes use it. What they don't like to know is that Google is one of the most gay-friendly companies you can find in the world, and that is the reason I am proud to be a Google Top Contributor. Company's policies clearly support every employee, without talking about sexual orientation: in addition, Google has also a special nickname for every member of its team: for example all the employees are called googlers, the new ones are called nooglers... and there is also a specific title for homosexuals: gayglers. Finally Google promotes gay prides by participating to them.

So are you homophobe? Well, you are using a search engine which is gay-friendly and supports homosexuals. At the same time you probably own an Android smartphone/tablet, you have a Gmail account, and you watch videos on YouTube... are you also using Google Chrome?

Using Apple Products

If you are homophobe and have an iPhone or another Apple product, you should know also Apple participates to gay prides, like you can see in the article linked before. But in addition, do you know the Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, is openly gay? Despite these two facts, I am pretty sure if someone asks you to stop going out with your chic iPhone, you would not accept that.

Searching on Google and using a Macbook: you are supporting two gay friendly companies by doing this. A homophobe surely cannot use  an Apple product or do searches if he is coherent with his mentality
Searching on Google and using a Macbook: you are supporting two gay friendly companies by doing this. A homophobe surely cannot use an Apple product or do searches if he is coherent with his mentality

Have you ever seen an homophobe on Facebook?

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Being on Social Networks

If you have read the first article linked in this hub, you have surely noticed that not only Apple and Google go to gay prides: also Facebook does. But how many homophobes are on Facebook? A lot. And they often ignore Facebook and other social networks do not allow publishing homophobic content. But as always these incoherent people will still stay on social-networks... they will never stop enjoying comforts like searching on Google, using Apple products or staying on Facebook... because it is unpleasant for them to acknowledge all the civil world and most of the biggest companies are against homophobia... they are basically alone, against the biggest realities of the world.

Dear homophobe, you are on a social-network founded by a person who, differently from you, accepts gay people... deal with it!
Dear homophobe, you are on a social-network founded by a person who, differently from you, accepts gay people... deal with it! | Source


Homophobes are not coherent with their mentality... are you an open-minded person and are you reading this hub? Well, you are not alone in the world, and you are part of a big family. Are you homophobe? Good job! Now go back to use your iPhone, update your Facebook status and search on Google... and think about the fact you are alone in a modern world.

© 2015 Alessio Ganci


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      So HP doesn't have to even notify that there is a problem? They can be the hanging judge.

      This is not what America is about, and that is why we have laws, yet they don't apply to businesse. Although, many groups like the LGBT have gone to court to Force people in business to do what is against their religion, their beliefs and their values.

      None of these reasons were involved in the bannings that I know about. At no time was any notice or reason given. You are not informed about hp banning practices. They operate like a dictatorship, you are shot before you are charged, or allowed to respond. The hp world goes dark, much like the essence of the TV show Burn Notice.


    • Alessio Ganci profile imageAUTHOR

      Alessio Ganci 

      3 years ago from Italy

      That's true, luckily I had the opportunity to clarify in the comments what I mean with homophobe... What about the word, I always think it is incorrect because is not a phobia, but in fact I am the first to disagree about the fact this word is universally used to identify people who hate gays... they are not afraid, that's true... but for that reason I hope one day a new word will be used.

      Yes it's true HP can ban people if they want, every online free service can do it (also Facebook can ban at any moment, unless you spend money like me, as I do advertisement on Facebook sometimes), what I liked to say is that even if they have this power, they don't use it to ban as they like, but to ban people who violate guidelines. Just because, even if a free service can ban people at any moment, they don't do it unless there is a serious reason: people are what the service live on, hubs populate this website... if you have top quality hubs and are contributing in a good way to HP, banning you would mean losing a valid user. It's true HP has the right to ban people, luckily they respect all opinions and don't misuse this right! Also it don't always happen all hubs are unpublished: one time I read that complete bans occur only in serious violations (like fraudolent multiple accounts in order to fake stats), while in other cases you are only limited to post other hubs (or they won't get featured any more), but your other hubs remain. If I re-find the page in which I read this, I will post here, however the final point is: HP is a big website, one of the most relevant articles website... you will not get banned easily from a website like this, as well as you will not get your Facebook profile disabled easily... or your email account... or other big services!

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      Thank you Alessio,

      When hp bans people they don't give a reason, they don't even give a human response, the ban message generated by their computer is all you have when they unpublish All your hubs. The person that is banned has no warning, no idea what line they crossed, and no one to talk to and find out what was the problem.

      As to the use of the word Homophobe, its use like all the other PC forbidden words is not appropriate no matter want the user;s intent.

      It is inaccurate, because phobia means that you are afraid of something, when in fact you just don't agree with them. Yes, many people Hate, discriminate, and abuse but that exists beyond words The point is that it is wrong to guess what someones intent is when they use these words.

      But at this time, I don't see anyone getting any flack for using the word with any or all intentions.

      Think about the contract idea some more.

    • Alessio Ganci profile imageAUTHOR

      Alessio Ganci 

      3 years ago from Italy

      Well it is interesting all of that, also because this question of partnership agreement as a legal contract would interest both heterosexuals and LGBT. I only want to assure that you will not have problems with HubPages: I saw some hubs with the word "homophobia" (even with comments), and it's all OK. Also this hub like others has been reviewed by quality staff and Featured with a good rank... I don't know if you say these things about HubPages because you had past experiences, but for my experience, I can say HubPages is a great place in which express opinions without risking anything. I also recently contacted their staff for a question about the site and I can confirm their professionality and kindness, so I think you should not have problems about your comments. Well, the word "homophobe" may not have a good connotation... but as well, it depends how it is used... technically it should mean the same thing I intend, so a person which does not respect LGBT people... if other people call "homophobe" a simple person who has their opinions but respects LGBT, well it's problem of these people!

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      Thanks for your response.

      I say hijack marriage because it was built around the purpose of having two genders, and the LGBT just doesn't have the same attributes. If humans only wanted a single gender then they would have been asexual.

      The whole reason for having two genders doesn't exist in homosexuality.

      The government is at fault for getting involved in marriage status in the first place. It is none of the government's business to get involved in marriage. It also does a bad job of dissolution of marriage, because Marriage is an ambiguous and vague contract that the state makes presumptions about, and most of the time they make bad presumptions.

      Instead of hijacking, and yes that is what it is. the LGBT is totally different than heterosexuals, and one would of thought they would celebrate their union special to their uniqueness. Mr. and Mrs and husband and wife have no meaning anymore.

      Consummation of marriage is impossible for the LG, all the children of theirs can at best only have one real parent. My point is that the attributes of traditional marriage don't exist for them.

      A better solution and one that I haven't about in the past is to leave traditional marriage as a religious ceremony. While making the legal union that has a real partnership agreement with a real legal contract. For the government this partnership would satisfy all their requirements, including the over 1200 rights that the federal government gives to married couples.

      The beauty of this is that any two people of contractual legal age can become partners. There is no need to classify it, just execute it. The contract would spell out the wishes of each party and how much control they want to give to the other party.

      This would allow the dissolution process to conform to the wishes of the parties and not the unfairness of the government.

      For income tax filing, it would be a real partnership and replaces the marriage status.

      The gay marriages doesn't help those couples that want all of these benefits but don't want to get married. These include both straight and gays.

      Separating government from our private lives should be our goal, instead of making them the authority. There is nothing in the constitution giving any right to marriage .

      Take what is yours, but don't mess it up for others.

      This would solve this issue of marriage.

      But the LGBT choose the militant route, and that is my big objection. It is bad enough that the government takes away our privacy and our private lives, but it is worse when the government meddles in areas where they shouldn't even be.

      As far as HP bans, it is true, one day you have hubs, the next day your are banned. No discussion, no reason, no contact. Good thing that HP isn't the government.

      When someone uses the word Homophobe it doesn't have a good connotation. So lets include the H word as part of the verboten words of the PC.

    • Alessio Ganci profile imageAUTHOR

      Alessio Ganci 

      3 years ago from Italy

      I forgot to say a thing: I don't think you will be banned by HubPages: you are expressing your own opinions, you are not offending homosexual people, and so that's perfectly correct. I have never seen someone being banned for only having expressed an opinion (it would be unfair). Unless you use offensive terms, I don't think you'll have problems on HubPages.

      Finally I'd like to specify that as "homophobes" I only intend: people who are bullies against homosexual people (so people that beat or tease homosexual people), not people who has opinions but respect homosexuals.

    • Alessio Ganci profile imageAUTHOR

      Alessio Ganci 

      3 years ago from Italy

      I can agree on the fact that some LGBT representatives (let's call them... LGBT lobbies?) sometimes exaggerate and try to force their point of view or to denaturalize social institutions. But remember that LGBT lobbies and LGBT people don't always think at the same time. Think about gay prides for example: they are often criticized because some of them (attention: some of them, not all of them) are not tools to ask for rights, but are ridicolous parades in which people don't actually ask for rights but they show themselves... for example, I completely disagree about this type of gay prides, while I praise all good prides that are not done in this way (e.g. the San Francisco Pride mentioned in this article, which was also supported by companies).

      I don't know what you intend in particular while you say "hijacking marriage", but obviously for me I am happy when LGBT people can marry without limitations... hijacking marriages (whatever it means), or in general giving heterosexual marriage less relevance is something I completely disagree... but yes, "LGBT lobbies" probably would also love to do this... but at the end the only thing I liked to say is that LGBT people and "lobbies" don't necessarily think at the same time... there are LGBT people (and in my experience, I can say the majority of LGBT people) who actually don't want to denaturalize anything, they only want their rights to love and to get married without hijacking anything... my position is in favour of these type of LGBT people... if there is a little minority of "LGBT extremists" (also supported by lobbies) which like to hijack and denaturalize everything.. well, I can say the majority of LGBT people is not following them...

      I only disagree with your last sentence: lesbians and gays could not survive if they are the only people present in the world... but as in the world there are not only gays and lesbians, this problem is completely inexistent. And I also say there is nothing of unnatural in being homosexual. The demonstration? Homosexuality exist among animals also (you can read this Wikipedia article about this topic: ). So it is something of completely natural, you can rather say that homosexuality is not the common behaviour (in fact the majority of people is heterosexual), but it is still a natural thing!

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      You did title thus hub with the Word Homophobe and you felt that you could do that without the criticism of PC.

      People don't like it when the LGBT uses its political power to militantly demand that we change a normal heterosexual culture into a forced heterosexual deviant culture. Yes, it is deviant because it alters the natural form of human beings.

      Instead of being content to just get married, they had to hijack marriage, and change it to something that is inconsistent for what it stands.

      I don't care what people do, but I do care when they want me to do it their way. And when they use their presence in the entertainment field to take a minority view and present it as if it was the majority view. I don't like it when they change laws to suit their purpose.

      There were many other ways of accomplishing the goals of the LGBT, which by the way doesn't even have a common core among its own group.

      L only want women

      G only want men

      so L and G are totally opposite.

      B don't care whether it is a Women or a Man

      So they don't align with L or G

      T is probably the most righteous of this group. They are trying to get the gender that their brain is wired for.

      So none of the L G B or T have anything in common, and if you compare it to Heterosexuals none of these match.

      So what rights are we talking about for the LGBT? The Supreme Court while giving the LGBT what they demanded never really addressed the issue of whether it is simple preference or some uncontrollable compulsion that forces them to be divergent. If the SC would have made that a fact, it could then be used by courts as Judicial Notice. The SC in Roe v Wade made their decision without determining when life begins, so the issue continues over 40 years later.

      When the Italians migrated to America in the last century, they had a very tough time. They were called names like WAPS and made fun of by the people in this country. But they didn't go to court and uses the LGBT militant approach to adapting to this country. They did the same things to the Jews, Irish, and Polish, and none of them took the LGBT route.

      People of all kinds hate other people of all kinds, and that is just human nature. But people of all kinds also dislike the things that are done by people of all kinds. White people hate or dislike other white people, but they can't use the Race card, so they have to deal with it. But when the minorities have the same issues they pull out the Race card.

      So the white men mostly have no recourse for their being discriminated, abused or even physically attacked. Yet, when the minorities get the same treatment they think that they are special.

      Even HP will let your side say whatever they want, but they will ban with prejudice those people that defend against attacks from your side. So, where does that leave the majority. They become a target for the minorities artificial assertion of rights, while taking those rights away from the majority, or the opposition.

      Just my comment here puts me in jeopardy of being banned, and when HP bans they don't have a dialogue, they just pull the plug. So is that fair.

      As for homosexuality being around and continue to be around that is because humans don't follow the survival of the fittest. That is why we continue to propagate all kinds of genetic defects. And without the help of BiSexuals the L and the G couldn't survive because they can't procreate, and generate new life.

    • Alessio Ganci profile imageAUTHOR

      Alessio Ganci 

      3 years ago from Italy

      LGBT people who attack others simply because they don't agree with them surely exist... but in the world there are not only people who don't agree with LGBT (they should not be attacked as they only express an opinion)... there are also people who don't respect LGBT status and who discriminate them... and whether you like it or not, gay people are permitted and will always exist in the world. You say they are not permitted probably because you are unable to accept the fact they will always get the rights they should have... however they are permitted (especially in the USA, the country in which you live, gay marriages are now completely legal, I'm Italian and I know this, you are American and you should know this better than me) and you will not be able to change things. You don't like this fact? There are some countries in the world in which mentality against gay people is accepted, you should consider moving there... by living in the USA you cannot say gay people are not permitted: not only they are permitted, they can also have marriage, and also big companies and various celebrities in the world celebrated that... and also in TV you can find them (Glee for example)... any problem about this? Any problem accepting the fact that LGBT people get so much support and are having same rights like heterosexual people? Well, welcome to XXI century!

      Your comment would have been true and correct if you had only said that there are LGBT people who call homophobes even people who don't agree with them (but without generalizing and without saying that there are only people who don't agree with LGBT, because that's not true, there are also people who don't respect them)... but saying gays are not permitted (especially if said by someone living in a developed country like USA) is wrong... and while there are also LGBT people who attack others only because they don't agree with them, they should not necessarily represent all the LGBT community.

      Finally you say the LGBT and their supporters are above the criticism and PC... well it does not seem I have censored your comment or offended you or having done other things that would confirm what you said... instead I have discussed what you expressed in your comment, by also saying what I think it is partially true (for example the fact that some LGBT people attack others only because they don't agree with them) and what I think is wrong... so also saying that LGBT and their supporters are above the criticism and PC is generalizing...

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      The word homophobe is rude, inflammatory and inaccurate.

      People are NOT afraid of homos they just don't agree with them.

      While the use of the words, Fags and Queers is not permitted, the LGBT and their supporters are above the criticism and PC, so they attack people as being homophobes simply because they don't agree with them.


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