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It's Time To Get Ready For That First Date. What Do You Wear?

Updated on November 15, 2014

Fun and Confident Date.

You're a confident date and want to have a little clean fun tonight. Look him/her in the eyes when speaking. Don't forget the eyes are the windows to the soul. Remember, because this is a fun date it doesn't mean that you can't do a little soul searching. Turn this fun date into a fun courting date. I have an idea - take him/her to the children's ward at a hospital to test compassion; take him/her to a nursing home to test respect; take him/her to a parachute jump to test faith; take him/her to a Rubik's cube convention to test patience and endurance and allow him/her to view a little of your heart to test love. Now, you'll show off that fancy foot work. Let's go dancing. Remember those shoes you slipped on with confidence, show them off - DANCE, LAUGH, DANCE and LAUGH some more. First dates can be notoriously nerve wrecking, but it doesn't have to be because you know how to LAUGH. He/she will think they're on a date with the happiest person in the world, and they are right because you're confident, you know how to be yourself and have learned to love and appreciate you. Go on share your infectious good nature. Remember the saying "laugh and the whole world will laugh with you". By now you know where I'm coming from. Only you can make you happy. That hurt - those problems you are experiencing - it's too late you can't stop them from coming, they're here. But, you can stop them from taking over your spirit, your soul and your joy. What is it that's troubling you, heartbroken by a lover? Debt? Know that the lover that broke your heart his/her heart was already broken and you, unfortunately got tangled in his/her web and inherited his/her hurt - give it back it's theirs - wish them luck and go on about your business with a knowing smile. And that debt, learn from your spending mistakes - make current your necessities and drop a little at a time into the mistakes and go on about your business with a knowing smile. Love you so that others may.

Evening Out (cont'd)

Now you've gotten to know your new arrival a little bit. Let's go for coffee. Find a booth built for two. He reaches across the table takes your hand into his and tells you "thank you". Thank you for letting my heart know that I have compassion, respect, faith, patience, endurance and love. As you two talk you're building a foundation. That foundation encompasses hope. Hope that the next relationship has a sturdy infrastructure; windows that reveal clear and precise clarity of our mere existence; walls that echo love and happiness. This is what courting entails - getting to know each other.

Now that we've gotten through the formalities (if you will) the rest flows easily. Any relationship will succeed if it's built on honesty and trust. There is no reason to be dishonest and untrustworthy because you know he/she has shown his understanding and compassion. You have to like him/her before the fire driven love begins. You like him/her because they said "I'm sorry"; "please"; "May I"; "may I help"; "I like you". Just a reminder, manners flow easily.

You like each other because you respect each other, because you respect yourself. Holding hands is foreplay. Foreplay to the beginning of a new journey, a journey that will take you to the then and now. A journey that will leave memories, memories that will sustain the soft brush-like touch against your palm. Someone once said "patience and wisdom walk hand in hand like two one armed lovers". Never stop holding hands.

Remember the couples who were married for 50, 60, 70 years. If you're ready to experience the essence of a life filled with the sweet juices of a fine fruit; the joy of laughter filled with memories that dates back to that first date; the first time you held hands; your first dance; that first thunder-like kiss then Happy 50th Anniversary. I love you because you loved you and you love me for me.


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    • profile image

      Joy 2 years ago from Maryland

      peachpurple please contact me at

    • profile image

      Joy 3 years ago from Maryland

      Hi peachpurple, Thank you so much for your comments on my Hubs. Your advice is well taken and well needed. You even answered my question on uploading photos. I am new at this and need the advice from one who has as many featured Hubs as you. Now, I have to do research on where to find related videos. Again, thank you.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      great tips for the young ones. Too bad I am too old for this