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The meaning of loving another on Valentines Day

Updated on February 14, 2014
True love is everyday 24/7
True love is everyday 24/7 | Source

The Meaning of love

Welcome Readers, with all the hype on romance around Valentines Day and on Valentines Day, it is easy to loose what the true meaning is. Is it the flowers, the candies, or the romantic gifts from someone? The other most well swept under the rug fact is that single people feel a lot of pressure to have someone around or see someone just for the night. So with all that stirring around, surely it is easy to forget what this day really means. To start things off, first we must understand that love doesn't just bloom only on this day. In fact it should be an everyday progress and on going passion. This particular day became famous for showering your loved one with affection because it was suppose to angled for 'appreciation for significant other or interest.' Not even mentioning the huge amount of profit the stores make but that is another issue. So how can you show your loved one that its not just about the day but about showing them you appreciate them? Well here our my tips for romance and no this isn't just for couples. In fact despite the stagima of being single and alone on this day of supposed romance. I also have included tips for singles, some tips you can do to keep yourself away from the depressing stagimas. Before we start, I must state for the record I am not a medical professional and my advice comes from basic physchology, observation, and personal opinions. This should never replace the treatment of medical advice and should only be used as a guide. Please go ahead if you like to leave comments at the bottom of the page but please do so respectfully. Don't leave hateful and nasty comments at the bottom of the page because they will be deleted. I respect all personal comments positive or negative just do it in a tasteful manner. Thank you very much for your support. Now its time to get to my tips for couples and singles!

It's not about the money its about the time spent
It's not about the money its about the time spent | Source

Tips for couples!

TIP #1: Remeber what is really important. The whole point of this romantic day is spend time and show appreciation for the other person. If your unhappy about how much money you spent or how much time you had to take out of your day. You will ultimately make your partner feel really bad or sad or outright depressed. Then the whole thought of the day is tainted by unhappy memory.

TIP #2: Don't force what isn't there. Meaning that part of being with someone else and loving them truly is understanding. Don't force your partner to spend or do things they aren't able to do. It's more about where their heart is at not at how much they lived up to a certain expectation. It goes back to the old saying "Be grateful for what you have."

TIP #3: Don't forget your personal finances. Meaning as romantic as it is to say your baby was conceived on Valentine's Day. Don't forget that having a child is a huge life-changing event that can't be undone. As well as being extremely costly in all aspects of your life. Don't be forget to use caution and have a reasonable conversation with your partner about your finances before you do anything rash. Or in the heat of the moment.

Remeber to spoil yourself because its all about appreciation!
Remeber to spoil yourself because its all about appreciation! | Source

Tips for singles

TIP #1: Remember to love yourself. Just because your alone on a romantic day doesn't mean that you need to be hard on yourself. Remember that this day is more about feeling appreciated and do something nice for yourself. The greatest and strongest love should be love you feel for yourself because that is always and forever.

TIP #2: Spice it up! So yeah it does kind of stink to be alone but why not take the extra time to feel super adventurous? Why sit at home and be depressed? Do something that pushes your adeline rush. Like buying something out of your comfort zone, or going to a place you haven't ever dared to enter before. Bottom line you don't have to wait on anyone so why not spice up your normal life for a change?

TIP #3: Don't forget about your true friends or family. If you have single friends or family members why not be their date around town? Or their partner in crime. If all your friends and family are attached than don't worry. It doesn't mean you shouldn't call them up and have a honest fun conversation. You never know when your friends or family might need a shoulder to lean on and they just might welcome your company. So don't beat yourself up by being alone, if anything you should go out and make some new friends if you just have no one. It's always exciting to meet someone new! So what's stopping you?

Don't be your own worse judge
Don't be your own worse judge | Source

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In closing I want to address that Valentines Day is all about showing appreciation to the person you love the most. It shouldn't be just one day, it should be everyday. You know you have something really special when the person your with goes out there way to spend time with you. When they always show you in little ways that they will always have your back. That it's not just a one way trip, its a partnership. A bond bigger than words. It is equally important to remember to love yourself above anything else. No flowers, candies, and gifts are truly going to make you happy. Its the meaning behind everything that makes you happy. So if your single than enjoy yourself because this is your chance to shine and show everyone that you may not have that support yet but you still enjoy yourself. WHEN YOU LOVE YOURSELF, OTHERS WILL LOVE YOU JUST AS MUCH OR MORE. Enjoy Valentines Day and stay safe readers! Until next time ciao.


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