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Short guys - You're not doomed as society myths claim.

Updated on November 19, 2009

Short guys - You're not doomed as society myths claim.

How many times have you felt rejected because of your height?

There is no secret that men of shorter stature had to put up with a lot of crap through the years. Be it work, relationships or simply the fact that people underestimate them. Another fact is that many of the girls who go for the taller guys are short themselves, so what is it that makes this physical trait so important to women?

Well the good news is that this is not always the case, being short does not ever need to become an obstacle. You can still get the success you want, the women you want and have the good life you want. So what about the word confidence. Does it ring a bell? If it does, then continue to read this article.

Women and the various reasons

I'm sure you as a man of shorter stature have heard multiple explanations in your life about why women want a tall man. I know as a guy being only 5'7 this used to aggravate me a lot during the years in high school. So I'm sure you recognize yourself hearing some of the following excuses .

  1. Good genetics - They blame it on nature and claims that they want good genes for their future kids.
  2. Protection - I'm sure you heard this thing about that they want to feel protected and safe. It's absolutely logical that a bunch of thugs will come and beat her up every night isn't it?
  3. Hugs - It feels great to have someone to stretch up to and hug. If getting neck troubles is their goal, then good for her.

Look at it this way, a woman/girl being only 5'3 she doesn't like being short. A guy being 5'5 - 5'8 does not like being short either, so why are the short girls specifically going for the tall guys?.

They feel insecure, they need a man to fill that void of insecurity in themselves. But technically, a guy being 5'5-5'8 and a girl/woman 2-5 inches shorter are made for each other. In many cases this is about female preferences, but also a lot the mans confidence. What girl would say no to tom cruise at 5'7, a 5'6 David Spade or Anthony Kiedis?

Signs of napoleon complex

The napoleon complex could be various things. But mostly it is when a guy of shorter stature has to compensate with something for his lack of height. Be it bulking up with huge muscles or personal traits that repels people. The most common myth is his aggression and bad temper.

  1. Bulking up - You see this 5'5 guy bulking up to be a gorilla looking wider than he he is tall. You can smell the odor of compensate-ititus. .
  2. Bad temper - This is probably the most common historical aspect of the myth. The short, cranky and angry guy. With such childish behavior like a kid, no wonder why he is disrespected.
  3. Approval seeking - Having to prove constantly to everyone else that he is not any less capable of doing things at the same level as his taller "competitors". If people don't like you for who you are. Then it doesn't matter how tall or short you are.

So you guys out there, have you ever thought about the fact that the reason why girls reject you is not because of your height? But mainly because of your lack of self confidence.

How to appear more confident

This is the time you should be asking yourself the following question. How would a real man behave around women and in situations of pressure? He would stay calm and collected in his mind. A man of shorter stature still got several ways of appearing protective and more confident, I'm sure you often see how confident men attract women. Many of them are generally not tall, not models and they still got beautiful girlfriends. The answer to that is that women generally are into confident men.

Signs of the Napoleon complex projects the opposite of confidence. Being collected, sensible and funny is very important factors. Joke around with your height, be self ironic, be laid back even when someone mentions your height. Make this into your own positive advantage and not the disadvantage many people discuss today.

What would superman have done? He would have shaken of the resistance he meet in life and not let it affect him in any way. Now is the moment to start and evaluate your own positive traits. You don't want to become a jerk and you don't want to become a nice guy. Stay firm and honest with people around you and I repeat. Stay collected, your anger management problems will only shine through and project what you don't want, Insecurity.

Traits of an alpha male

  1. He is able to stay collected during times others are not.
  2. He provides for his woman and family
  3. He won't let people walk over him and get away with everything.
  4. He drives his woman and kids safely to places
  5. He is both firm and nice when people deserve it.
  6. He does all he can to achieve his dreams.
  7. He is a leader and guides his woman to places
  8. He can talk himself out of problems without violence.
  9. He doesn't care about what other people think and spend energy on positive things in life.

As far as I can remember. There is no height limit for projecting these traits, but they are much more important for a man of shorter stature. Acting this way will kill a woman's prejudice in many cases, and most importantly, you project what you want. Confidence, confidence and more confidence.

Natural confidence boosters

  1. Exercise - Physical activity are natural confidence boosters due to chemicals the brain produces.
  2. Passions - What are one of your biggest passions in life? When you talk about your passions in an emotional way it's in many cases a turn on.
  3. New wardrobe - Change clothes, get pants that fits perfectly, wear clean shoes.
  4. Approaching women - Even if you fail in the start it's important that you manage to get yourself started. Once you start seeing the results and faces the demon you will become more confident in time.


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    • profile image

      mark king 

      4 years ago

      I don't worry about my dong, even though it's up there, it doesn't give me confidence, or knowing so doesn't.I'm 5'6", and I'm trying to develop more confidence.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      DragonChef, you're an idiot.

      1) "napoleonic complex" is a myth and has been scientifically proven to be so.

      2) "alpha male" is a myth and even if alpha males existed in nature in other animals as was previous, ERRONEOUSLY thought its STILL not a hypothesis or classification REMOTELY applicable to human social dynamics in ANY contex.


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This can be true, depending on where you live, I say its mostly correct in America, UK and Germany, but other countries like Spain or Italy being really short puts many women really off, to the point even if you are way more skilled, capable, sensible, hardworking whatever than your taller neighbour or friend, you are likely to get put in the friend/no-no list and confidence can take you only so far agains that level of prejudice.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I didn't quite like the "guide his woman" part, but other than that nice article. I like mainly personality and faces so I don't care if someone is short or tall. I used to like Michael J. Fox.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      eachly that "napoleon complex" its just a myth, i know too many guys who are tall with that description, short guys, and regulars too, and short guys who are great people. I think people its unconsciously intolerant and prejudiced with thoughts like: "he is weak", "i wanna feel safe", "its akward to be with a short guy"(the two last for the girls), and so on...

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      A lot of tall men are insecure.I personally knew a tall man abot 190cm, who was very insecure because of his tiny penis.I'm not tall only 171cm (5ft71/2), but my penis is quite long and thick, 17cm when fully erect.This same tall man I knew, was also insecure because he was worried that he might be homosexual, (not that there's anything wrong with that).Being aggressive, insecure, bad temper and so on, has nothing to do with height because a lot of tall men also have these traits.

    • Boris91 profile image


      6 years ago

      I don't think that it's all about the hight. I think it's all about confidence and if you are tall or short doesn't matter :)

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Scandinavia


      Well, how come that some of the guys i know who attract the most women are only 5'5-5'9?.

      They are displaying alpha masculine traits. That's also why women like "bad boys", because they display alpha male traits that the "nice guy" often don't do.

      How come that yours truly who wrote the article have been in several fulfilling relationships? I'm only 5'7. You can't fake confidence, you actually need to be it.

      yeah, there are shallow women,. but there are also women who care more about a mans characteristic traits.

      not ALL women are shallow or go for shallow stuff.

      The truth is that most guys have no clue about what women really want.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      As a 5'6" man who's talented (write, sing, play 3 instruments, have an encyclopedic knowledge of film and am WELL on my way to becoming a feature filmmaker), charming, humorous, playful, intelligent and YES - that essential ingredient 99% of women CLAIM is the most important and essential to sex appeal - CONFIDENT, not just confident, BRIMMING with the stuff and yet still humble...

      ... with ALL of these qualities I STILL can never manage to attract women shorter, the same or taller than my height.

      WOMEN ARE SHALLOW due to brainwashing via the media, reality television TRASH and advertisements... PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

      this article is full of unsubstantiated BULLSH!T...


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