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The mystery of a love of stars

Updated on March 9, 2011

The mystery of a love of star

My love for you is like a full moon that shall not permit neither eclipse nor division to come between it.

The moon will be complete in all its aspect and its light shall show you the way through the darkest night.

Its strength shall give you the confidence to overcome all struggles and uncertainties of life.

Its light, though strong, shall caress you and give you blissful warmth that will always assure you of better tomorrow. The moon shall not change its position just for your sake because it was destined to be there for you, even if it means it has to descend among the heavenly bodies just to dwell with you forever.

Yet, my love, if for any reason the moon lose its strength or you doubt the ability of its light to guide your path, it shall be transformed to countless stars and no man shall be able to understand the mystery of a love of stars.

No! Not even you shall its mystery, even the creator of love shall marvel for though love may had been created but my love of stars will be the first and last in existence.

They first met, then they became friends, and later they were best friends. They story is one of the stories of how best friends became lovers. It was a morning rush in New York, the seats were all filled so she decided to stand and hang in the bus because she did not want to be late. He saw her hanging tenderly close to him so he gently stood up and hang before he said, “excuse me lady, you can sit on my seat.” “Oh! Thank you” she replied and hurriedly sat. She felt relived and smiled. He was the first to alight the bus.

Some weeks later they met again in a bus but that time they coincidently sat close to each other.

“Hello,” she greeted with a lovely voice and smiled. “Hi” he replied and returned the smile in the same manner. “I did not know when you alighted the other day,” she continued, “I am really grateful; I mean it was kind of you.” He seemed not to understand what she talked about. “Sorry, I do not understand what you mean.” She smiled again, “may be you have forgotten but I have not. I am the lady you asked to sit on your seat some weeks ago.”

“Okay!” he exclaimed and touched his head in recollection “pardon me, I forgot about the incident. I did not even know it was you”

“Well that’s alright, I understand you just did it to save me the trouble of hanging in the bus.”

“You looked so fragile that day; I can see that you look much better today.”

“Yes, I had a slight fever that morning but I just had to get something in my office before going to see my doctor.”

She looked at him and asked politely “wouldn’t you had given me your seat if I looked stronger that day?” “May be, who knows?”

They both laughed and he poked her, friendly. “My name is Janet” she said as she extends a hand of friendship to him.

He received the hand warmly and said, “My name is Henry, and I am a reporter. Do you often take this bus to work? ”

“No, it’s just for some weeks now because my car is being fixed. It will be ready soon. I trust you are not doing to write a story on that?”

“Well, it seems you and I have same problem but my car should be ready today. I pick you to work, starting from tomorrow morning till your car is ready.”

“Won’t it be a problem to you?”

“It’s no big deal since we head same way.”

This is one of the many stories of how two people, unknown to each other, first became friends and then lovers. Look around and you will agree that every friendship has a beginning. Can your friendship, relationship, or marriage, understand the mystery of a love of stars?

By N.K David

Author of the book,

“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus”

a must read for all humanity

Published by author house. Available on online stores worldwide


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    • davidkaluge profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      you are welcome, we just have to do our best to teach even if it means teaching with good story like this.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Thank you for a great story to read, as I sip my morning coffee.


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