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The relationship business: Part Dos

Updated on July 18, 2015

So, I'm back. What DO we talk about? Do we talk about our dogs, cats, hopes and dreams and how the perfect house for our marriage is? No. Plain and simple. You just talk about anything and everything and nothing at the same time. Listen, this is the best way to get our future Brad Pitt or Angeline Jolie to tell us what's up. If you really want to get to know someone it's through 20 questions, its through just plain talk. So, how are you doing? Meh, not so good had a crappy day at work... And here is where you may screw up. You are thinking "Oh they work awesome, I hope it's not at Dunkin's, I'm going to ask where they work". NO! Just play it simple, "Oh I'm sorry what happened", sound interested, make it conventional, you don't want to look desperate! Remember we are reading the small print.

Why do I say that? Well, good question. When I talk about reading the small print is that you need to read the signs. If you are looking for someone that shares everything with you, you ,might hope that they share that the bagels burnt this morning. If you are not into all that, you might want them to say that they just wished that things were better at work, plain and simple. You see, it's all about reading those ever so subtle signs that the other person is sending you. Read the fine print, in between the lines, be smart.

After the whole conversation it's time to say our goodbyes and go home with that phone number or with at least our giving them our phone number, easy right? Not so much. First it's the awkwardness of " do I ask or should I wait for them to ask?" Well my advice? Just shoot! What can happen? They can give it to you or they can say, you know what I don't call myself so I don't know it (total excuse to NO) or they can say why don't I write down yours and I'll call or text you (in between they might not want to let you down by saying no or they are a little shocked by your straight up approach), either way, just shoot. After this is just a waiting game, get ready it gets funnier.

See you soon! XOXO

Sheldon had the right idea :)
Sheldon had the right idea :) | Source

So the famous Sheldon Cooper agreement. Is it just for fun or does it have some truth to it? It is absolutely truth! Why didn't I think of this before I jumped to marriage and had a child? Would have saved me a lot of trouble, that I can tell you. Its funny because we don't think about it that way but that is ALL we ask for: COMPROMISE. Listen putting in it in black and white and asking for signature and witnesses might be a little overdoing it but in a sense we all do it. Admit it.

Is there really a small print?

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Those lines my dear...

I read the other day that we cannot date someone that is asking more questions about our job than us. In theory it makes sense: you don't want to date someone that's in it just because you get a diet stipend and gas reimbursement. You want them to know you and like you for you. But in reality, I would want to know if that job of theirs is 18 hours a day and if it is so stressful it makes the man drink constantly. So we have to make a balance here, folks. Use your own judgement.


I cannot say how truthful that comic is! It's the truth you have to know what someone means by what they are saying. Now don't get me wrong not everything is a riddle or a hidden treasure, but keep your mouth shut and your ears open so you will learn how to listen and read that small print.


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      Viviana Alvarado 2 years ago from Vernon Rockville

      Hi guys! Can you let me know what you think? Also any topics that you guys want me to talk about please let me know!