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The religious view of transgenders

Updated on September 17, 2015

Like the way we can use our races for the basis of identification, we can also use sexual orientation to express our identities. However, unlike the races we have around, our gender orientation are not necessarily explained by the physical forms of our bodies nor neither do we share individual internal gender perception with our kins. It is therefore important to note that one’s gender identity is dictated by a number of factors which also includes various gender orientations, gender stereotypes and even sexual orientation and so on either consciously or subconsciously. Some of these factors are usually complex and hardwired.

More often, transgender is usually an umbrella term that is used to describe certain situation in which a person’s “sex” identity differs significantly from the typical gender of their birth sex. Sometimes this could sound confusing because many people perceive the two words (sex and gender) interchangeably to mean female or male. To bring a little sense of clarification, the biological meaning of sex is the ability to identify an individual as either a female or a male while gender on the other hand is highly affiliated with one’s cognitive intellectual. It is rather the internal perception one has regarding his masculinity or her femininity. A transgender person’s inward gender expression can greatly differ from the gender that describes his/her gender form. Apparently, it is sometimes common to find situations where some adults and adolescent who have gone through certain physical growth, experience confusion where their physical form does not match their feelings and experience regarding gender.


According to Christianity, God created man in his own image and likeness. Christians also have a common belief that their bodies, spirit and mind is one integrated being and therefore there should be no discord at any given time. Christians argue that Jesus Christ willingness to become human, confirms the importance of their bodies. Therefore from this point of view issue pertaining transgender only seem to signal disintegration-brokenness between the physical and the emotional being of a man.

Meddles with God’s purposes

The different confusions we have pertaining the gender identity arises due to certain confinements to the various cultures that embraces certain gender norms. The culturally bound norms are subject to change over time anyway. According to Christians, God made human-being in His own image, as either man or woman so that they can complement each other in different areas in a way that is meant to reflect the image and character of God. While some traditional norms play very significant roles in our daily lives, it is not certainly right for a man to be a “nurse/salonist” and a woman performs the duties of a “soldier”.

Show them love anyway

Over the years, psychologists have always recognized transgender identity as a certain disorder. Christians have also often seen the need for caring for such individuals as a means of affirming the integrity of the spirit, body and mind of the broken state of the being. Different researches have most of the time cited a significant number of individual experiencing transgender as undergoing through a significant degree of depression and mental instability. Such mental disturbances caused by increased rate of violence, bullying among them have sometimes called for the interventions of some Christian bodies. These Christians follow in the footsteps of Jesus who largely advocated for love and charity. Among the Christian society, the story of the Good Samaritan who stopped by the road side to help a man who was hurt. As true followers of Christ, Christians always should see the need to practice a lot of grace to the vulnerable and those who are “lost “in the society.


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    • B Brian Hill profile image

      B Brian Hill 2 years ago

      Why do you call it the "religious view" when it is the "View of Some Christians?" I have read the new testament and I see very little in the teachings of Jesus that would agree with your perceptions. I also find that your observations on the psychological perspective to be very dated, and not agreeing with modern research. Perhaps you should cite your research claims if you are going to make them. That's what those of us who do doctoral work need to do.