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Dating Tips 101: The right way to Flirt

Updated on January 22, 2013
Flirting can be a lot of fun, if you follow these general flirting tips
Flirting can be a lot of fun, if you follow these general flirting tips

There are a lot of articles and relationship advice on the web on flirting and dating, but most of them will just make you feel better and won't actually help you with the most crucial thing - getting the one you want. If you want to be the star of the party, the stud or the most beautiful girl - forget everything you ever read or heard before about flirting and read on.

1. The Importance of Outer Looks in Flirting

Since kinder garden you are taught that outer looks are not that significant and whoever likes you will do so because of your inner beauty. The honest truth is - if you show up somewhere in a sweaty t-shirt with a lot of dimples on your face, nobody will look at you as a sex target. In the society, we live in, the way you look is particularly important. If you want to be good at flirting start with changing your style - and I mean everything.

No matter if you are a boy or a girl just start looking for the most fashionable clothes on the market. If you don't have a lot of money, just buy a cheaper version of clothing you are looking for. Search through the web for the newest sex symbols. If you have a favorite character in a show - even better. Copying the style of a sexy star is something, which will help you a lot in both building your self-confidence and flirting. And if you think you can get out of it without working out - you are lying to yourself. If you truly want to be something more and a real flirting god(goddess), start by changing the way you look.

Flirting skills are a crucial part of the dating life
Flirting skills are a crucial part of the dating life

2. Dating and Self-confidence

If you followed our first advice, then this will be an easy part for you. Look in the mirror and believe you are sexy. When you walk on the street hold your head up high. Self-confidence is one of the most weighty qualities to have nowadays. It will help you not only with flirting and dating, but also career building and social presence. Building your self confidence is a vital part of being successful in your life.

3. The General Flirting Tips

Now you are stylish, sleek, you've worked on your self-confidence. Now what? The core of your flirting skills is being able to get the interest of your target (or targets, we don't judge). And to that, well you will need some practice.

a) Words - They are important. You should be able to express yourself fluently; otherwise you will lose the flirting game in seconds. You need to capture the imagination of your crush, don't give yourself in, play with them. Don't throw yourself in their hands, but rather manipulate them in a way to make them want YOU. If you are not that good with words - start reading more. If you are a man, don't be scared to read romance novels or even women magazines. They are an elegant way to get flirting ideas. Be an inspector, a spy and learn what they want most. If you are a woman - you can do the same. Is reading not your thing? Well, we live in an era where information is everywhere, watch more romance movies, tellenovellas, TV shows and series and copy the style of the characters you like the most.

Body Language is a crucial part of flirting. Make sure you use it the right way.
Body Language is a crucial part of flirting. Make sure you use it the right way.

b) Body Language - It is just as vital. Playing with your hair, gently placing one hand on the hip - if you are a girl is a killer flirt. If you are a man - looking at your gal with an empty stare as if you are not interested, but in the same time undressing her with your eyes is just as powerful. Watching flirting related movies is just a neat way to get ideas for flirting.

Be your better self

At the end don't be afraid to get rejected. Especially in the beginning, flirting can be hard, so rejection is a possibility. That's why if you don't want to be rejected, start with your smaller targets, then once you feel confident in your flirting skills go for whoever you want. But at the end, even if you get rejected, just don't think it over, let it go, and move on. Flirting is an extraordinarily rich subject and it truly can't be summarized. There are a lot of variables and different outcomes, but if you follow these four basic flirting tips, you will be a lot better at flirting, guaranteed!


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