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Updated on March 5, 2015

How to walk in the place where nothing is impossible


When the word "loneliness" is mentioned very few people realize the preponderance of the word. Here I am not speaking out seclusion which can be done willingly but a spirit of isolation that tears at ones emotions and tries to break ones spirit so ultimately you are of benefit only the drug companies, nursing homes, prisons and hospitals, etc.

Therefore, "Loneliness" is an expense that is solicited and bartered by the “animals” of society who prey on the "almighty dollar". They will influence you into thinking that your mother and father who “broke their back” in order that you may be educated and have a better life than they did have become no more than vestigial parts of your life and is better off being given to a Nursing Home where the point of sale is that they will receive much “better care” than you would be able to give them. But what they refrain from telling you is that most Nursing Homes are merely a "bus-stop" for your final leg in the journey of life where they are disposed to communal living and not the they privacy they once knew.

But loneliness is not limited to the elderly but to the wife who even though she has the wedding ring to prove that she is indeed in wedlock, to her it’s more like “wed-locked” because of the lack of attention she receives from her mate.

Many unmarried young women will marry a "Isolationist". These women were deceived into thinking they had "Mr. Right" only to find out that under all that macho image was a "Mr.Hyde", a boyish little man who gave more attention to his dog than he would his wife. Now this spirit of loneliness is affecting our children to such an extent that our teenagers are reacting in ways that is never seen before; joining ISIS, school shootings and other terroristic movements. Some are even committing suicide because of transferred loneliness.

The number of people around you doesn’t affect loneliness but it is influenced by the love and the support from them. You can be in a school full of students but still be lonely, a workplace full of hundreds of workers and still be lonely.

But God said that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. The spirit of loneliness is a weapon, which the enemy uses in a number of occasions. It is the terror by night. Most people you talk to will tell you that if I but make it through the night then I know tomorrow things will change.

Today, commit to walk as epistles read of all men with God’s love that is an hindrance to the spirit of loneliness. Be respectful, be kind and give a smile here or there. (**Be very discerning when it comes to women giving smiles to men because the lonely heart often will misread the intended gesture). Now a smile cost you nothing but it sure breaks up and takes away the advantage of the spirit of loneliness.

Call someone today, and let him or her know that you were thinking about him or her. Don’t be taken by the uncertainty they may have in receiving your call especially if you are calling a nursing home for a senior citizen. Be prepared for it and know that you have a lot to talk about and they do as well. Could you imagine the joy one call makes to a senior who has never received a phone call?


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