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The strange truth that scientific explanations about love

Updated on May 5, 2016

Love acts on the brain similar to the effects of Cocaine

The scientists studied the effects of love has just announced a new discovery , which shows how the brain reacts to love just as when people use drugs . When in love , the brain releases chemicals like norepinephrine nerves , adrenaline and oxytocin dopaminem . The result is that they will create a sense of joy and happiness , along with the sinking feeling in people . A total of 12 parts of the brain at the same time absorbing these chemicals , causing feelings of love is one of the powerful neurological phenomenon and most complex man .

Love is a natural painkiller

Few people know that love is like a natural pain reliever. When intimate couples will get a large dose of oxytocin, the chemical reduces pain, even headaches terminate in four hours. Another study showed that when couples holding hands, pain levels and their stress is greatly reduced. Even they do not need to be together to be able to enjoy this benefit. Scientists have conducted experiments in which they participate for the photos of your partner before making a series of word puzzles. People who are watching photos feel less headaches more than those who are not considered image.

The heart of the couples will have the same rhythm as their eyes met

The psycho-physiological studies at the University of California has revealed how to contact the invisible is shown through the eyes of people in love. This experiment monitored the couple love each other, they are asked to look straight into the eyes of his love for three minutes continuously. Scientists have heart rate monitors, especially the change in heart rate after the couple looked at each other. Accordingly, the heartbeat of each pair will be synchronized, in which women regularly adjusted. No one knows the cause and manner of operation of this phenomenon. The biggest assumption that it is simply one's empathy with your partner.

A secret love will increase the feelings of the couple

One of the most famous stories about love is Romeo and Juliet. Accordingly, the pair have kept their relationship secret to avoid social pressures. Researchers have found a psychological phenomenon in the brain takes place with the secret love: Phenylethylamine, a nerve chemicals, increased when people have to keep secret their relationship. Phenylethylamine also a lot of chocolate, but destroyed very quickly in the digestive system before reaching the brain could absorb. But when love is public, the pair will encounter slowdown chemicals.


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