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The thorns of love

Updated on March 18, 2012

When it goes wrong

A lot of good relationships are like milk, they spoil when left out for too long. Lies, anger, wrong misjudgements. So the question is why? Well lets start with lies. It is a no brainer that lies will kill a relationship faster than you can crack a egg. So when you don't tell the WHOLE truth than it is a lie. Even if you wanted to protect them from themselves or hold back because they would flip out. So misjudgement goes hand in hand with lies. Sometimes a person believes so strongly they are being lied too by the other person. EVEN WHEN THEIR NOT. So why does this happen? Well a wise woman once said if the devil is looking for the way out he will sneak the key under his coat and leave when everyone is asleep. I thought to myself as you are now, what does that mean? Well people will look for excuses to leave you when they think you are at your weakest. Why? They know you will be hurting double while they skip off happy into the ever shinning sunset. Anger is always at play in bad relationships. Let me give you all some advice from personal experience. Never date someone who says they been hurt very bad before. WHY? Because they will always assume you are trying to hurt them and get angry with you. When they don't hear what THEY want then you are the bad person. Well those are just reflections of scars that have nothing to do with you. If the person is truly over what happened they will say they been hurt before but they have grown from it. Unless you want to deal with their scars from the past and put up with always trying to make up for them then go for it. To me personally its not worth it.

When it hurts

Well it will hurt if you loved that person or cared for them. So don't let tears hold you down. You just have to understand that if it is bad its time to throw it away. YOU CAN'T SAVE IT. It just rots and stinks more. Love can feel like a knife in the heart when you haven't done nothing but try to make it work and the other person seems hell bent on destroying it at every mishap and turn. Well it's okay. It's a red flag to walk away. Yes it will sting and sometimes it is deep enough to leave a lasting scar for life. The upside? You learned a good lesson. You have wisdom and know how you love and who NOT to give it too. Sadly sometimes it just wasn't meant to be, maybe the love was, but not the long term relationship.

final note

Remember pain is temporary! Heart break is temporary! That was the best advice i had ever been given (even if it did come from someone who enjoyed stabbing me with a knife in the heart and twisting it when it started to get better). You must LEARN, to take the knife out in my case. Then walk away hurting with tears and all. I learned love is not to be given lightly. You don't know a person's true intentions unless you closely examine their behavior. Then you have to accept that they are just people who go around the world looking to knife people in the heart just because they have been. Don't give up hope on love because you will find better. Stay true and pure and them let ride out on their fake ass high horse. Thank you leave comments at the bottom if you wish. :)


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