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The top 5 Ways to Propose During the Holidays

Updated on July 17, 2011

The top 5 ways to Propose During the Holidays

After doing some research, I kept running into the same stiff holiday proposal ideas. These top 5 ways to propose during the holidays are sure to score you some brownie points.

Holiday Romance

The Top 5 ways to Propose During the Holidays

This is my list of the top 5 ways to propose during the holidays. It is sure to amaze the lady you love and guarantee that this will be a magical holiday season that neither of you will ever forget.

1. Whether you chose to do this on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning is up to you. When all of your friends and family are gathered at your home, have Santa stop by with a tiny gift for your love. You can either hire a service or have a friend dress up in a Santa costume and knock on your door to reveal the engagement ring box to the woman you love.

2. Get out the holiday lights and arrange them on a large board or somewhere in your home. Have them spell out, will you marry me? Then watch her blush and gush.

3. Get several boxes that range in size from small up to big and wrap her engagement ring box in the smallest one re-boxing until you reach the biggest. She will be completely caught off guard and it will have never occurred to her that the big box under the tree was really a tiny jewelry box that would change her life forever.

4. You can either hire a group of professional carolers or have your friends come by caroling her favorite holiday song and after a minute or so have them ask her if she will marry you. Of the top 5 ways to propose during the holidays, this is my personal favorite.

5. You both have a favorite holiday movie that you love to watch together. Go out to the movie store and rent it. Then make a big bowl of popcorn that you both can enjoy while watching your flick. Make sure to hide the ring box under the popcorn and she will be shocked and thrilled all at once when she discovers the box.

This is my list of the top 5 ways to propose during the holidays and I wish you luck and all the happiness in the world.

Which Holiday Proposal is the Best?

Which of the top 5 ways to propose during the holidays do you like the most?

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    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 8 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      It was 12 years ago that my husband gave me my engagement ring, using the big box/smaller box/little box method.

      He told me he had gotten me something I really needed that winter. Judging from the size of the box, and the heaviness (there were rocks of a more common sort in some of the extra boxes), I figured he had gotten me a pair of snow boots. By the third box I had unwrapped, I was completely baffled, and then the ring box appeared!