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The Way You Think and Respond to Truama Will Reflect How You Heal

Updated on June 12, 2019

There Is three things I do not believe in:

  • Being 'broken'
  • Trust issues
  • Stress

let me make myself clear. I do not believe in these for my own self, for my own mental growth. It does not mean these topics aren't very real for other people - unfortunately these three small, but stupendous topics consumes a profound amount of relationships around us.

It's often the most raw and organic truth is what others find most offensive

I have shared pieces of my story that are heart breaking, to hear, but I am not heart broken. No one, no man, and no woman is capable of breaking me. I have been graced with the touch of a beautiful woman that opened a side of my sexuality leaving me in desire for one more taste, and I have been touched by a beautiful man that left me more vulnerable & safe in the same moment.

My love is fluent, my desires are endless, and after each encounter I have taken pieces of their unspoken language and configured it to reality, I listen to what you don't tell me, but what your body speaks to me. I will listen. I will run my hand over your body and receive every ounce of energy, goodness, and light that was meant to be shared.

I will listen to your truth and trust the good that's within you even when you show me parts of you that are not good.

I have exhausted myself giving love and what's left of it. I have been tired. I have been so low of certainty, but I have never stopped.

I have been saddened by the actions of others that I loved, I have cursed, I have cried, I have fought, and I have fell so low beneath the surface just so maybe once I look up, I will find clarity because there's only so low, low can go.

It's not always pretty - once you find the shattered pieces on the ground to put them back together to realize - you are not broken. The expectations you set upon an individual is broken. in the chaos of life its easy to lose the acknowledgeable balance between broken expectations and a broken person.

Don't stress it. Literally.

Someone reading this now was just thrown into a frantic moment of stress, I wouldn't know what that feels like, and no. I am not mimicking what is very real for a lot of people, I just haven't experienced it myself.

The mind is a very unique and scary place - so vast and little we know about it. I mean, yes we know there's about 19 parts of the brain and someone very intelligent, not me, could share all the details about what each part does for us.

The mind I am talking about is so far past the physical brain - conscious - sub conscious - the little digital patterns that have been programmed to our very own specific DNA.

This is where our responses lie and how we respond to our life situations will ultimately pave the next step in our journey. Did you read that correctly? How you respond will effect your next step. Imagine the step not being there because you responded poorly, angry, and now you've fallen because that step wasn't where you needed it to be. That's how I picture stress … Is it okay to be angry, hell yes! Scream, cry, be angry, FEEL! Feel what is making you this angry and do something with it. Don't live in it. Don't stress about it so it remains within you rather than being a passing emotion. Stress. overthinking is what creates this cloud of whatever your feeling and it just hoovers over you.

Take control of your mind - stressing is the enemy of your creativity.


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