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The woman who broke my heart and my life part 1

Updated on August 9, 2011

How I met my ex girlfriend at work

This is the story of a beautiful relationship gone horrifically bad.

I worked at a large manufacturing company in a small college town. Life was good, I had just moved into my very first apartment and bought my first car. My job was perfect for the situation. Work was only a few minutes down the road, the money was tight but sufficient for my needs.

One day I was out in the packing aisle with a fellow co-worker and we were joking about how sometimes life is good to us and how we have to savor the moment. It's funny how we always mess a good thing up. We had to call for a pallet removal to take our boxes away. When we did, a pretty looking girl came out from the warehouse and started to tape up our boxes and prepare them to be removed.

My co-worker initiated a little chit chat with her and she sat down and decided to chat with us for a bit while she did the paper work. We talked mostly about how work sucks. She seemed kinda dorky but very sweet and pretty intelligent too. We got to know some details about her too. Like her name and why she rarely visits our department.

A few nights passed and I was working with an older tibetan women and she was talking about how Annika was dating her son. She was praising this girl on how helpful she was when she came over to her house. Annika helped mostly in the kitchen learning how to cook Indian and Chinese foods.

This was good and bad news for me. Obviously for a single guy, one never wants to hear that the girl he likes is not single. But on the upside we both liked cooking, and from the way she was described just sounded like she had a well rounded personality. I figured I was in a new town, with no friends and if Annika would be my friend that would be great! Even if it was just at work.

He wants the one thing he cannot have

Annika started to do some overtime in my department, it was great. We got to talk for a few hours and share so many interests. Movies, anime, video games, Asian cooking, and even a similar taste for trying different beers. The more I talked with her, the more interesting she seemed and the more I dreampt of her being my girlfriend.

The both of us enjoyed Asian horror movies and talked a lot about them. I told her that I owned a nice collection of movies ( which I did ) and I invited her to hang out sometime. It was a loose offer, but is was quickly accepted. Much to my surprise!

We made some plans to hang out after work. We both worked 2nd shift and got out at 11pm at night. She came over and we hung out for a bit. I grabbed us both a beer and if I recall correctly we ended up talking the whole time and never even getting to the movie. That was very cool in my opinion. That lead us to make future plans to watch some horror movies.

She came over a few times over the course of about 2 months. We got so buddy buddy that when we left work, she would go home and tend to her animals ( she had her own place like me) and then come and pick me up and we would go shopping for some new unique beer to try together. Then come back to my house and watch a horror movie.

There were a few times were we talked about her current relationship, and how she felt it was going nowhere. I also remember a few times where she was very upset at work and I got the classic depressing phone call in distress. From the outside looking in, it seemed that her boyfriend had replaced her with his friends. So she was always wanting to do things but he was always too busy. She told me that they had not talked for a while and she was not happy.

Video games, Beer, and Rain

I told her my friend was coming over on Friday night to have a few drinks and play video games, and she was more then welcome to come over and play some video games with us. ( another cool thing, she loved video games! ) Friday night after work, my friend came over with some good beers.We all had plenty of drinks and played some video games. After some light competition, she prevailed as the winner. My friend wanted to go outside for a smoke in his defeat.

So he had a smoke and Annika and I went for a walk up the road. We started walking up the street and we were having a long deep discussion. It ended in a long silence and it started to lightly rain. Our 5 min walk ended up much longer then expected due to the interesting conversation. Where we were, we could over look the vast majority of the city with all the city lights all lit up. Our hair was starting to get pretty wet so we stopped walking further.

As soon as we started to turn around our eyes locked for a moment. With all that liquid confidence (alcohol) I drank earlier and my overwhelming amount of suppressed feelings for this girl slipped out and asked her if I could kiss her. She came closer without hesitation and said, "yes".

At first it was just a quick kiss, then progressed with more passion. It felt like we were in a movie. Our first kiss in the middle of the road in the rain, over looking the city. My heart melted and everything just felt so ...perfect.

We started to walk back to my apt in the pouring rain. The walk back was quiet but we were both smiling and talking about how we both enjoy walking in the rain. There was no awkward feeling or talk of what had just transpired. When we got back I remember telling my buddy in private, " Dude I just made out with the girl of my dreams!"


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