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The Art of Revenge Without Causing Harm

Updated on February 24, 2012

Revenge is one of the first things that come to mind when you've been dumped, cheated on, talked trash to, someone pissed you off and the list goes on and on. I decided that instead of revenge to use humor and embarrassment. This hub will spotlight one of my ex's I found the need to embarrass. In my last hub Dating for Dummies I related an incident where I was invited to a party then the guy left because he had another date. I wasn't aware of this and didn't actually find out until after we broke up, my choice and a very good one. Prior to our breakup I find out he was out with friends and another women. A good friend of mine saw them and came by to tell me. Well, I found an old maternity shirt, a big ball and proceeded to create a pregnant person, me. My friend stayed at my house to watch my girls and I showed up at the club. I walked into the dining area, began to walk up to their table, the first person to see me was our friend Jane, she had a smirk on her face, kept quiet, his back was to me until her heard Honey when are you coming home. The girls are waiting for you to tuck them in and read their bedtime story". His head whipped around, the women he was with, called him every name in book then stormed out. Our friends and quiet a few others in the dining area erupted in laughter. He was left speechless and I went home. See, he wasn't harmed, embarrassed, not harmed. Needless to say the next time I saw him, he was full of apologizes and excuses, none of which I bought. I ended it.

So see, there are ways to seek revenge without harming someone. Just embarrass them, it's so much more fun!


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