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The Best Has Yet to Come Part II

Updated on January 24, 2012
My Ankle had fractured in 3 different places
My Ankle had fractured in 3 different places

Ok so where did we leave off??

Oh yes, the Physical and Mental Abuse that I had to endure after he got back from deployment. So before all this started I confronted him for his wrong doing, and of course like any other guy he denied everything. Well it's a good thing that I printed off all the letters and stuff because as soon as I confronted him about it, all the letters miraculously disappeared. HmMmM... Can you say caught? I was so upset with my findings at 3 o'clock in the morning I drove straight to his Unit and told his Captain and brought my proof.

Apparently when he landed here in Washington, the Sgt. Maj pulled him aside and asked him what the hell was going on at home. Well of course yet again everything was denied. I picked him up from his welcome home ceremony, I did not make a sign that said "Welcome Home". Because he was not welcomed in my home that I had made for us while he was deployed. It took every ounce of my soul to not beat him with Vacuum Accessories.

We talked for a few minutes about what happened, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt to come clean and we could move on with our lives. (Yeah I was going to give him a second chance, because I still did love him.) In his manipulative ways, he made me think that he really did not do that stuff and yes people I did believe him. My mind was so blurred I could not think straight, so everything that everyone said made sense to me at that time.

A few days went by and he was planning a trip to go see his family and kids without me, and that's what upset me the most. He didn't want me near him or his family, now that I knew something was going on. While he was on vacation visiting family, his ex-wife kept calling and texting me asking what the hell was going on because the whole family was laughing at me. I guess he was telling his family how dumb I was and other bull crap. Anyway, we texted each other a few times and in the texts it was like he tried to tell me it was over and that he wanted a divorce over text message. So I texted him back and told him that obviously he wasn't man enough to tell me in person so please at least have the common decency to tell me over the phone and not via text.

He called me, and told me that he was done with me and that he wanted a divorce. Of course I was hurt but I did not want any part of this relationship anymore. And I quote what he told me, "We are done, you can do whatever you want to do, see other men I don't care." I should have known right then, that he was tricking me. But I could not take the mental abuse anymore. I packed up my stuff and moved on with my life. At that time my friends were moving out of there apartment and into a new home that they had bought. I started staying with them in hotels until they got there house keys. I had a guy friend that I went to high school with who was stationed here in Fort Lewis, and we caught up over some coffee. He was always there for me in High School he was like the brother I never had.

Well then he came home from visiting his family and demanded that I can back home. So I did but with doubt. I had every intention of hearing what he had to say and head back to the hotel room, because I had the hotel room key for them to get back in. Well he wouldn't let me go he wanted to take the key himself and bring my cell phone to get ahold of my friend. Versus giving him her number to call from his phone. I fought him on it, only because of some of the texts that I had in my phone that my friend had texted me saying to turn him in and file for a UCMJ. But at the same time we were done and over already were separated and I no longer lived in our apartment. Anyway, he took my phone and put it on the top shelf in the laundry room.

I am only 5 feet 3 inches, very short. I could not reach for the phone on the shelf so I jumped on the dryer to grab it. As soon as I got on the dryer to grab it he grabbed me by the throat and slammed me on the ground. All I could hear was a loud cracking sound that was followed by a burning sensation to my left leg. I knew something was wrong, I am sure everyone in my Apartment complex heard me yell for help but no one came to my rescue. My friend called not to long after he threw me and asked for the hotel room key because I had the only key. She questioned him about my yelling and he told her I fell trying to grab towels off the shelf.

I went with him to go drop the key off knowing of the pain I was in. I figured if I went and my friend saw me, she would call the police and have them arrest my husband at the time. But he punched me in the gut so that I wouldn't get out of the truck..................................

I am sure that part 2 is getting to long so part 3 will most likely be the finale'

I cant write to much in one sitting because the pain is unbearable to bring back the past. But the past was almost 1 year ago and still so surreal.


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    • marlynpumphrey profile image

      Marlyn Munoz 5 years ago from Honolulu, HI

      Because I had been with him since I was 18 and new nothing but him. He was my first love and could not fathom losing him. I was young and stupid. I always had hope that he would become a better person. He would always show me that he had got better and was sorry for everything and I believed him. Thats why I always kept running back

    • kkuma01 profile image

      kkuma01 5 years ago

      In all that I have read I am concerned that you so easily let someone else make decisions about your life. He said leave so you left. he said come back so you went back. Do you yet know why?