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The Inevitability of Slight

Updated on August 20, 2011
Jealousy causes girl to cry
Jealousy causes girl to cry

Ahh, jealousy... the ever present hindrance to an otherwise peaceful existence.

I can still recall the bitterness that poisoned my circle of friends when I discovered that a person, someone I had trusted, had been hammering me behind my back.

While this was not the last time that I was being mauled socially it was the first... and had time been on my side I would have acted differently... but time heals all wounds, or at least deadens the nerves around the scars, and we do grow older, wiser and more experienced even if the ride was bumpier than advertised.

But I can still recall my fight against the jealousy, the slander, the muckraking.

I railed against my prognosticator, I shouted my innocence… I added the fuel to the fire that was blazing against me. In a word, CONDEMNED.

At the time there were no words I could use, no actions I could take to erase the allegations against me. I was guilty without trial in the eyes and minds of all that heard these terrible things, these bad, socially unacceptable actions I had been accused of doing.

I was shunned.

I was abandoned.

Felt alone and ashamed.

And worse of all, I felt that I had no chance of changing the opinions about myself of the people that heard these terrible lies.

I prayed for justice but it never came.

To this day I carry a burden of abuse at the hands of this supposed friend and what was said against me.

You too feel this burden, this weight against all that is true, that is just, that is right, that has caused your world to collapse around you.

And the years have shown me justice, all though it is not what I expected.

By being able to confront, expose, and place behind me, these untruths I have found peace, and success, that I could never have thought possible.

The Confrontation

I have found that jealousy has many levels, not the least of which is someone that you assume is a friend is actually an enemy, attempting to steal friends and turn people against you. This green envy, this horrid evil that resides within someone reaches out to poison those that surround you, the circle of your true friends.

By using the simple act of confrontation you can bury these lies, this jealousy, this envy that is turning opinion against you.

By asking simple questions when you hear the awful things that your friends are telling you is being said you can offset the damage and regain your polished reputation.

To your friends say:

“Why would you listen to such garbage”

“Do you actually believe this of me?”

“I am hurt. How would you feel if this was said about yourself?”

“Are you sure you heard that right, because the truth is…”

To the enemy telling the lies:

“Why would you say that about me?”

“Do you understand how hurtful it is to hear that?”

“Why is that any of your concern?”

“Is that what you honestly believe?”

These simple questions will erase what your friends have heard about you by putting to the light of day the darkness that was spoken about you.

These simple questions will force your enemy to understand their own animosity towards yourself, opening to the white light of truthfulness the harm that was made to your reputation.


There is no better cleanser than the truth. There is no fight so unjust as the actual fight needed to bring to light the truth that we all face, every day, every way. There can only be one truth.

By confronting the unbelievable words spoken against you, you will regain control of your own self, your own personality, and most important, the most important of all things, your own self-confidence.

Face lies with honesty.

Live it, be it.



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