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The after math

Updated on August 21, 2016

I am lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, my mom is calling me down. I slowly get up, shaky and numb. I grab a hoodie put it on and slowly start walking down stairs. "Hi honey" my mom greeted me. "We need to talk" my dad says. "Guys please, I know can I just..." before I could finish my sentence my mother cuts me off and says " we have a lot to discuss, there are options we need to figure out before there is no longer an option" she tells me in a stern but caring manner. "I understand , I know there is a lot to figure out." I say "can I please have this day to think and figure out what I want before we make any decisions" I replied. Reluctantly my parents agreed. I got up and went took a shower . Now I am off to see if I can find the man who got me pregnant.

I went to every house I knew had parties he attended , I even went to the house I remembered waking up in. Finally after a whole day, I got a phone number. I rushed home, ran to my room, picked up the phone and called him. "Yeah hello" a man answered. I was so scared and nervous, in a quivering voice I said "hey is Ed there" I asked. "Yeah this is him, who this" he asked. Still shaking I quietly said "it's Barbra, do you remember me" I asked. He was silent for what felt like an eternity and says "yeah" laughing "what ready for round two" he says in a smug tone of voice. I am still nervous , but giggle as to play off the joke and say "actually I am calling to inform you I am pregnant and they are yours." He immediately got very angry and says "what do you mean they and how dare you accuse me of getting you pregnant. I knew how you were when I met you and I can not be the only one." Now I am more nervous than ever, fighting off tears I say, "I am pregnant with twins and yes , they are yours. You are the only man I was with at that time." He replies "stupid little girl. I am not going to fall for your tricks. Leave me alone and never call me again" and hung up the phone. I am sitting there now sobbing uncontrollably slowly hanging the phone up. He just said that to me, I can't believe he just said that to me.

I got up and ran down stairs calling out for my mom. My mom runs up to me in a panic, in a very concerned voice says "baby what's wrong." I explained to her how I found him and spoke to him as she held me. I told her how he is denying everything and won't talk to me. Just sobbing and sobbing. My mother than asked in a very sweet voice " what would you like to do now sweet heart?" I replied "I don't know mommy, what do you think is best?" she sat there silent , I could tell she was thinking and it was really taking a toll on her. Finally after several minutes of not speaking and just rocking me in her arms she says "let me call the doctor , make an appointment, then we will go for there." I sat up and agreed. After all, she is my mother and I know she knows best. So I continued to lay there in her arms, feeling so safe and at peace. At that moment everything was just perfect.

Now we wait until I see the doctor before any more decisions are made.


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