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The bride!

Updated on January 26, 2017

This is about this young bride
Who seems to take all in her stride
She has a horizon that is wide
She is pretty with large and black expressive eyes
She is truthful with no falsehood and lies
She is deep rooted in our Indian culture
With a saree draped around her petite and dainty structure
As she is soft spoken and polite
Being in her company is pleasure and delight
Her arrival was long awaited
Her presence has the energy of the place elevated
Seems as though she was from life times to us related
Like a lamp she has lit up the dark
On all our hearts she has left a mark
The truth of which is stark
Rests on her shoulders the future of this house
In all of us emotions of love she does arouse
She is foremost the inspiration of her spouse
She is educated and bright
But first and foremost she is appropriate and right
In depth and simplicity lies her might


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