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The feeling of love

Updated on December 10, 2013

What is love?

What is love?

They say that love is when you feel adoration for another and have no idea why. When someone asks you why, you can't explain it. It's just a feeling that's there and no matter the distance between two individuals, it remains.

Love can be such a fleeting thing nowadays. People think they have it only to find it wasn't real. There are many who have one relationship after the next, never giving themselves time to heal from the previous one because they feel the need to be loved. That isn't love, it's lust and people experience more lust over their lifetime than they do true love.

What if you have found the love that there is no explanation for? You can't rationalize it even after years of having the same feelings toward someone but you feel scared in telling that individual how you feel and vice versa? You think that they might feel the same way but you're unsure and too afraid to ask as you don't want to be let down or hurt. What if you have told that individual but they never responded? Were they scared to admit how they feel? Did they not want to hurt you because they feel that you are important to them in some way? I have so many lingering questions, as I'm sure many do.

There are no easy answers when it comes to love or it's rationale behind the feelings you experience. It's only rational if you can find those reasons or have an explanation of those feelings. When you can't rationalize it and can't explain it, then you know you have found something in life that doesn't happen to everyone. Where will these feelings that I feel toward the other take me? I'm not sure. At times I feel as though I should just give up on the individual but there is always something there keeping it alive. If it wasn't real, it'd be easier just to forget it and move on...wouldn't it? Every time we talk, or are together, those fluttering feelings come and stay. Even thoughts of them make those feelings come. It's almost as though I have a sixth-sense when it comes to them and can feel when something is wrong. I honestly don't know what it is. Maybe it is true love, maybe not, and maybe I am just a fool in love.


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