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There's Always Good Coffee

Updated on July 22, 2014

I am 28 year old unmarried woman with one child. I have an Associates degree and a Bachelors degree and am halfway through graduate school. I have ten years of professional experience and have understanding of three languages. I quit smoking and drinking but have yet to kick my worst habit. Men. They are thoughtless creatures with a distinct odor and I love them. And I hate them. For longer than my professional history, I have experienced men. The good, the bad and the ugly. Today, I am reminded that no matter what-there is always good coffee.

In my teen years, I didn't know anything about coffee or men. I barely had my first sips of each and was totally drawn in by the social stigma and burning mystery that both had seemed to create in this world preceeding my existence. I was hooked before I even started, I would say. There was some good experiences and some bad...and some really good and some really bad. Some experiences were like little French cafe cups of perfectly warm, perfectly seasoned drink at the perfect time of day. Some experiences were like week old moldy coffee thrown against a dank wall and staining down any chance of beauty the wall ever had.

The laws of nature assure me, that with good there will always be bad and vice versa. And I would take every bit of coffee and man that I have ever had to get where I am today.

No matter what relationship, no matter what state or to what varying degree the pleasure and pain were, there were always some constants. Some men were constantly invalid or dependably absent. Some men were constantly unfaithful or dependably irritating. But no matter what, there was always a stuff drink for me to kick back on. Something that mirrored a good punch in the face that I needed to get back to the bluegreen reality here on planet earth. Today I don't drink alcohol, so that drink for me is coffee. Black. With splenda. Double cream and sugar. I do not care. If I am scorned, hurt, or frayed- there is always good coffee.

I have dated all kinds of men. Black men. White men. Young men. Old men. Rich men. Poor men. Graduate men. Illiterate men. I have dated a deaf man. I even dated an Arabian that did not speak English. This just goes to show my value system in dating men. I have never dated an ugly or obese man. Just as I have never dranken decaf. coffee. Some things just do not make sense.

I am 28 years old and in the best physical shape of my life. Things are going reasonably well. I just shut down my business. I have significantly less money than I have ever in sobriety the past four plus years, but I am happy. I am grateful. I have a boyfriend who is 47 years old. He has a good job as a software engineer. We bicker about who's paying what and all that we need. Scratch that. I bicker about him paying what and all that I need.

Let's be serious. I'm still that spoiled rotten princess and sorry folks, if you want me in a kitchen without equal pay, I want my life paid for. I want my coffee paid for. I want good conversation. I want good sex. I want meaning. I want it all. I want one man in perfect shape with great brains to treat me right. I want to be his alpha and omega woman and blow his mind every day of his life. I want every day to be new. I want that perfect French cafe cup. I want a million horses and carts in any order. I actually have no idea what I want.

And if I don't get any of that, it's OK. There's always good coffee.


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