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Things That Turn Women Off

Updated on May 1, 2011

Before I get into this article, I should mention that all women are different -- albeit very similar in some respects -- and some of the items on this list may not apply to everyone. Indeed, if you fancy yourself a dominant woman, you might find grovelling sexy. (That's nothing to do with dominance, btw.) But most women, secure dominant women included, are typically repulsed by that kind of thing. The point is this: these points will apply to most women, whether they care to admit it or not. We may seem like complex creatures, but we're pretty black and white in some cases. 


Only a truly insecure person gets off on seeing another person grovel. But it's especially disturbing to see a man do it. It's one thing to apologize -- if you screw up, you'd better be able to say you're sorry -- but once is enough, provided it was sincere. That being said, if you've got a woman who likes to make you jump through hoops and is always making you feel like you need to apologize, you're probably dating a psycho.


Perhaps it's a result of classic conditioning, but I get pretty annoyed when a man tells me he's going to do something and then doesn't; especially when it's followed up by, "I'll do it tomorrow morning" which turns into "I'll do it when I get home" which turns into "I'll do it this weekend". If you can't be arsed to do something you've agreed to do, don't agree to it.

Poor Hygiene

I've mentioned this in several articles; specifically, pre-date hygiene. It's worth mentioning again because some of you really could use a good scrubbing at times.

Social Ineptitude

Are you polite to your waitress? The clerk in the mini-mart? We notice these things. We don't care if you have to pretend, but we don't want to see you acting like a twat in public. It's not attractive.


We don't want to think you're a liar. To anyone. There is no reason to lie, ever. And yes, that includes telling us we have a small arse when we actually have a big one -- cos if you don't like our booty the way it is, we don't wantcha anyway.


Are you a rocket scientist? Good for you. We might find that quite sexy. We'd even find the confidence that goes with it sexy, too. But we're not going to find a God complex sexy, so make sure you don't have one.


Can you be counted on? Does your woman have to confirm something with you 10 times before she trusts that you'll do it? If so, she probably doesn't think you're competent. And that means she probably feels like she has to hound you to get anything done, or she'd wind up having to do it herself. And let me tell you; make a woman feel that way for long and she will soon start to wonder if she's not better off doing everything herself anyway. And that's going to lead to major resentment.


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