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Things Every Man Should Know About Dating Women

Updated on June 12, 2019
EvieSparkes profile image

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer, and company director from the UK.

Why Women Don't Make Their Interest Obvious

Sounds silly, crazy even. Why don't women make their intention obvious from the start. Why can't we be more like you guys on that score? Quite simply because we aren't made like you.

We Don't Want to Make it Too Easy For You

Women don't want to go throwing themselves at you even if that's what they feel like doing. However hot you are. This lack of transparency is perfectly understandable isn't it? One, we don't want to look desperate, and two, we don't want you to think we are easy and no challenge. Come on guys, we girls DO actually know that you love a good challenge.

We also love a confident man. We want to test you, to see if you can still hold a conversation with us even if we aren't madly into you. We don't want a guy that's only after on thing. We want proof that you are more than that. If you can talk to us then you are definitely past first base. We want to know just how interested you are. If it's clear that you are ready to ditch the conversation through fear of having to work for us then we aren't interested.

Use What You Have

Use whatever is at your disposal to keep conversation going. If you really, really like her and want to see her again, then MAKE her pay attention.

When to Make The First Move

Have the confidence to make a move when the time is right. Don't be like my husband and make us wait forever and a day until we almost walk away out of exasperation. I ended up making the first move and to be honest I'm not sure he would have ever made a move. I knew he wanted to, but he was just too damned polite. Be polite of course, but if she isn't as brazen as I was, then you might miss the opportunity and allow someone else to get in their first.

Women will probably assume that you aren't into them physically if you hang on and on. I am all for equality, but when it comes to dating, women still want you guys to make the first move even if some say they aren't bothered if they have to make it. They are.

We Want to See The Real You

Women want to know you. We want the real you and not the formal version of you that you bring out in meetings. We want to see that you have the confidence to be yourself around us. We don't care if you say the odd stupid thing.

If you like to have fun, then be fun. If you like to tell jokes, then don't do that. Not yet! You might think you are super-hilarious but your jokes may not be all that funny and then we'll be worried that we have to constantly laugh at them until our mouth hurts and we are dying to go home and be miserable.

Save all of the subjective stuff until we are really into you. We'll think it's endearing by that point.

Women Like Humour

Don't be afraid to have a laugh with us or even make fun of us. There is a fine line here of course, but I love a guy who can poke fun at me in a clever way. Then I get to come back with something equally clever (probably funnier too) and we get to have a proper laugh. Personally I like a man who isn't afraid to have a joke with me and who isn't easily offended. I get that from my Dad who was constantly ripping it out of me in the smartest way.

Women feel more relaxed around guys that don't take things too seriously. We will let our guard down when we feel relaxed. We don't want dating to be an endurance. We want it to be fun. We want to look forward to the next date.

Don't Get Hung Up On What Not to Do

Don't worry about all of the politically incorrect things you might possibly come out with, don't worry about focusing on our cleavage. When you worry about doing or saying the wrong thing you will get all knotted up and we will be able to tell that you are uncomfortable and we'll probably think it's because you are there under sufferance.

Have Fun

If you can show us that you have a sense of humour, you are confident in your own skin and you pay us the odd compliment or two then we will be up for a second date. Let's face it, you got one, so we must like you a little bit anyway. Women don't generally go on dates with guys they aren't at least a little bit interested in.


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