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11 Things Happy Couples Do Before They Go to Sleep

Updated on February 16, 2018
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Ashi is a lifestyle and relationship writer. Ashi writes about love and relationship advice, wedding tip & tricks and romantic date ideas.


Love is a beautiful feeling and the most important essence of life. When two people are in love with each other, the entire world seems more beautiful and they feel happier than ever. However, while it is wonderful to be in love, love itself requires care and maintenance. Prioritising each other and taking out time for your loved ones is the most important thing for a relationship to flourish and bloom. Moreover, couples should focus on the good points as well as the flaws of the relationship, communicate more and bring out the best of and with each other. Below are the 11 important things that happy couples do before going to sleep.


Following a fixed schedule

A happy couple follows a regimen that they are well habituated and comfortable with. A regular nightly routine before bedtime involving brushing one’s teeth, washing one’s face and a skin care routine are good not only from a hygiene point of view but it also mentally creates an awareness that they share that little important “me time” with their beloved while getting ready to go to bed.


Doing up the bed

We all love the idea of organised and beautiful spaces and things, especially when we are going to sleep. Who doesn't love a mess free bed? A comfortable mattress, a beautiful and nicely tucked in bed sheet, well-placed pillows and a cosy duvet are things we are all drawn to. Although it requires work, happy couples make their bed before going to sleep. This gives them a sense of working in sync with each other as well as communicating with each other and knowing their likes and dislikes.


Making love

Sex is very important when it comes to a committed relationship. It not only provides health benefits, physical pleasure and stress reduction but also helps to create an extremely strong bond between two people, thereby bringing them closer. However, happy couples remember that sex is not just about mere satisfaction but it's also about respect and love for each other. Such couples make love to each other on a regular basis and since their bodies release happy hormones they stay happy most of the time.


A relaxing massage

In today's world, everyone feels the ill effects of stress at one point or another. Getting a gentle head, shoulder and neck massage is one of the best ways to combat stress. Not only does a massage soothe and calm your body from muscle pain and strain, but it also provides relaxation, releases anxiety and depression and helps in getting sound sleep. Happy couples often massage each other - a great way to relax each other after a stressful day.


Cuddling with each other and talking about their day

Communication is the best tool used by happy couples to understand each other. Talking to each other, making eye contact, blushing, touching each other cheeks, holding hands, appreciating each other and being sorry for what they did wrong, laughing at jokes - all of these lead to a successful and happy relationship. They are also interested in knowing how their partner’s day was, what went wrong, etc. It adds a sense of belief that most important person in your life cares so much for you and is actually interested in knowing what happened in your day-to-day life.


Avoiding topics that can turn into arguments

Most couples are very well aware of the topics that will lead to a conflict between them. Before sleep no one really wants to end up in a fight, since sleep is a form of peace in itself. Happy couples avoid all this before going to sleep.


Taking a hot shower together

Talking to each other and hugging and teasing each other while having a hot shower together is a really nice to steam up your relationship. Happy couples have a hot shower or soak in a hot foamy bath together, reliving their special moments.


A surprise element

Surprises play a key role by adding charm, spark and something new and fresh to the same boring life. Tempering of romance is always needed to keep a relationship exciting. Happy couples surprise each other by giving gifts at regular intervals or on a special occasion, or by creating a romantic ambience. By doing so, they are putting efforts towards making their love life romantic and interesting. Such expression and display of love is a must to keep the fire going on in a relationship.


Planning something together

Happy couples make sure to take out time for each other and plan things by giving importance to each other in the first place. For instance, planning a wedding anniversary at a beautiful location, or making a reservation for a candle light dinner at the same place they first met is a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty of love and the long journey they have made together as a couple. Even married couples can do the same, and if they have kids, they can discuss issues related to their kids.


Discussing intimate details

Freedom of speech and guilt free talks about sex not only bring comfort and ease while making love to each other but also make lovemaking more interesting and happy. Happy couples talk about their sexual fantasies and their personal choices.


A break from electronic devices

Before they sleep, happy couples are mostly engrossed in talking to one another. However, cutting yourselves off completely from the outside world is neither possible nor advisable. You may want to keep in touch with breaking news about the weather, or maybe a family member might need you in an emergency. Couples can solve this problem by keeping one of their cell phones on, but in silent mode. Couples can also use their devices to do things together. Watching romantic movies or looking at old photos to relive your memories, are all wonderful ways to spend that quality time with your loved one.

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      Ashi 4 weeks ago

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