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Things Men Do That Irk Women

Updated on April 15, 2013

Men do things that women just don't get. The differences between the sexes often lead to confusion and disagreement. Here are men acts that make women run to the opposite direction.

1. Saying they would call when they won't.

After a first date men would often say they'd call, even if in reality they won't. Maybe they're just trying to make small talk. Or perhaps not calling will somehow get the message more safely without much resistance from the female specie.

Really, when a guy says he would call after a first date, women should not count so much in it no matter how great a date went cause there is really no guarantee that the guy felt the same way.

2. Admire another in a sexy dress but restricts his GF

When a guy they're with looks at a woman in a revealing dress, some women feel a little uneasy. Men are visual creatures so they are drawn to appreciating someone in a revealing dress. It is another thing when he prohibits you from wearing such kind of outfit. Sometimes, a man is just being protective.

3. Not asking directions

Most men would rather go around in circles for hours rather than ask anyone directions. It is a man thing and most women don't get it. When men refuse to ask directions, male ego is often behind it.Men don't like to be looked as helpless and clueless. They are supposed to figure things out such that it would be a big blow to male pride to ask trifle stuff as directions. That is just how men are wired so a little understanding will go a long way here.

4. Not saying 'I love you'

There's a lot of reasons why a man does not say 'I love you', and it could be any of the following:

  • One, he does not love you, period.
  • Two, he's just not that into you.
  • Three, he is not sure if he loves you, yet.
  • Four, he is not ready for a commitment.

In any of these cases, it is best for a woman to wait when a guy is ready to say those words. Now, there are other ways to find out if a man loves by reading his actions around you (10 Signs a Guy Loves You Though He Doesn't Admit It Yet). But when the waiting has become unbearable for you, perhaps it is best to stop wasting your time and move on.

5. 'Controlling' the remote control

Men want to be in charge of everything, the TV remote included. That thing allows him to channel surf, push buttons, and do anything with the err -- TV. But kidding aside, if a woman wants to wrestle the remote control from her guy, it's going to be a losing battle. Just let him have it or better yet, get your own TV.

It would take communication, time, patient and understanding to figure out and go beyond why men say or do things that most women find confusing. Women should try to find out why men say and do these things to get a better understanding and foster a more livable and harmonious relationship with them.

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