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16 Things Men Don’t Understand About Women

Updated on May 24, 2017

Three years ago I came across a debate topic ‘Which is the most complicated gender: men or women?’ Well, according to men the most complicated gender are women. Men have never understood them, and when they finally think they have fully known them it hits them hard they don’t know a lot about them.

I will not disagree there are a few things I don’t know about women. Inquisitive, curious and watchful I have learned a lot about women by watching and asking both directly and indirectly questions to better understand them. I do believe if men took time to get to know their women before getting married, some of the problems faced in relationships and marriage wouldn’t take place.

So, ladies here are the ten things men never seem to understand about you.

1. Slow And Not Slow

I have heard many times many men complaining when they go slow on their women, the women tell them they’re going very slow. When they increase the pace, their women tell them they’re going fast. Well, I am not talking about sex but relationship as a whole. They wonder how they are going to strike the balance of not going too fast and not going too slow. When you are going too fast they say you’re advancing when you need to take it slow and when you take it slow, they wonder why you’re going too slow.


2. A Shoe Market

They have more ten pairs of shoes. Every month they seem to buy new shoes. Men don’t understand what they need all those shoes for. Aren’t they satisfied with the shoes they have? An average man can go fine with two pairs of shoes for a year. Not necessarily men’s shoes are expensive, but because a lot of men, even if they have ten pairs of shoes, find it hard to wear different shoes every week. Women’s shoes are cheap. Why aren’t they satisfied with the many shoes they have? And, why do they need additional shoes when they have plenty of them?


3. The Bride’s Dress Details

“Which type of wedding dress did the bride wear? Was it white or…?” When a man goes to wedding the object of his attention is the bride not the dress. Her face is all that matters. How will he know what dress the bride wore and which color it was? Generally, what men know about the wedding dress is white. So, why do you want which wedding dress the bride wore and what was it color?

4. My Birthday!

It is better for a man to forget anything but his woman’s birthday date. You are supposed to remember and do something about it. Forgetting a woman’s date of birth is a serious offense. They will not take it lightly that their man didn’t remember today was their birthday. What’s the big deal with birthday? Men seem to wonder. Well, ladies I do believe you want your man to remember your birth date but if he forgets it is a big issue. Why?

5. Drama

Why are women full of drama? Why don’t they usually get along with each other? It is always drama, week after week. Men don’t understand why women cannot live peacefully with each other. Can’t they be able to sort their issues and settle them? Should they always be on each other’s neck even for things that don’t really ‘add up?’

6. Inconsequential Issues

A little issue has been magnified until it appears monstrous. Why do women make a big deal on something that is too little to raise any big concern? They tend to magnify issues until the subject look humongous.


7. How Does She Look?

Frankly, it is a hard question for men to give intricate details about a lady. A new neighbor? How does she look? What does she wear? Does she have a slim body or is chubby? Does she have blue or green eyes? A new teacher? How does she teach? Is she better than me? A new secretary? Does she have substance both behind and at the front? Phewwww…Why do women want to know about the other woman in great detail? Do they always want to compete against each other? Do they want to see which lady among them is the best in the world of looking beautiful and attractive in a certain place? What do they hopefully gain from wanting to know soooooo much about another lady?

8. Ladies’ Room

When women go to the ladies room it takes ages before they come out. What are they doing there that makes them to take a long time before they come out? And, why do they go in a ‘herd’ and stay there for almost an eternity? What is in that room?

9. Dating

Why do women say they want a nice guy but date a bad boy? Are they trying to mix reality and fiction to fuse the man they want? Why do they complain their men aren’t treating them well when it is them who chose the men to be their lovers?

10. Crying

Why do women cry all the time? Why is it they cry even when there is no reason for their crying? A man was talking nicely with his woman then all of a sudden she begins crying. What ignited the cry?

11. Not The Case

Why is it that when women are complemented with “You look beautiful,” they say, “You don’t mean it. Look how ugly I am.” When they are not complimented it seems as if you don’t care. When you compliment they don’t want to accept it. Do women want to be reassured several times they are beautiful, the dress fits, they are gorgeous and so on?


12. Multitasking

Men try it but often end up leaning to one side. They are never good at multitasking. With women it is a different case. A woman will be seen cooking while at the same time looking at the television and talking through the phone. Men don’t understand how they are able to do different things at the same time.

13. Can’t Beat Them

Men know: you can never win an argument with a woman. They are so good when it comes to arguing. When they talk you cannot stop them. It reaches a point when men raise their hands in utter defeat.

14. Opposite Of Their Meaning

Why women say ‘Yes’ when they mean ‘No’ and say ‘No’ when they mean ‘Yes’ baffles men. Why is it when you ask them whether they’re fine they say they’re fine when they aren’t? Why is it when you tell them let’s go for shopping they refuse when they want to go?

Top 10 Things Men Do Not Understand About Women

15. What They Want

What do women really want? This is the biggest issue men don’t understand about women. What do they really want? They want shoes. When you buy them shoes they’re happy. After a few days they don’t want them. Why is it they want this but then they don’t want it? What women really want and don’t want is what men have tried through the ages to try and find out. I have men saying that it looks women don’t really know what they want and don’t want.

What are you thinking? Nothing. But, your face shows you’re thinking! I am telling you I am not thinking about anything.

What is wrong? Nothing. Nothing? But, looking at your face it shows there is something troubling you. Nothing at all. Really? Yes.

They don’t occur once but several times. Moody?

Which food do you want? Just a soda. Only a soda? Yes. Why don’t you want to eat when a few minutes ago you said you were hungry? I am not hungry. You order your food. Why haven’t you ordered for mine? You said you didn’t want food. You don’t have heart for me.

I believe the best the women can do is try to save men from the misery of trying to understand them. It does drive them crazy especially for the genuine men who want to treat their women like a queen. They try to understand them but the best they have reached in understanding them is an inch closer to truly understanding them.

16. Menstrual Period

I have a lot of knowledge about periods but many men are in the dark about it. Why do they become moody when they have period? Why is it they become extra angry at certain times every month? Why is it when she has period she refuses to talk to me when I haven’t done anything wrong to her? What is this period and why does she always scream and is in pain?


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    • Nyamweya profile image

      Silas Nyamweya 6 months ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      a great read! it really explains reality