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Things To Make Your Weekend At Home Romantic

Updated on October 6, 2010

Things To Make Your Weekend At Home Romantic

The work week was hectic and it kept you from being intimate many nights with your husband, and the children fighting over the remote control for the television didn't make it any better. The good thing is that the weekend is coming up and you can plan for the children to arrange a sleepover at their friends home or go and stay over at their grandparents for the weekend.

You don't want to go anywhere during the weekend, you just want a nice quiet romantic weekend with your husband, which is long overdue. You must first remember that discussions about your co-workers, boss or workload should not be topic of conversation during your romantic weekend.

Turn on your voicemail or answering machine. However, while your children are sleeping over at a friends or grandparents home, possible emergencies can arise and it is wise that you have one cell phone set to ring just in case of an emergency that the friends parents or your childrens grandparents can call if they need you. Think positive, an emergency will not happen.

A candlelit dinner is always a romantic idea whether it's a recipe you and your spouse prepared together or even if it is a delivery, just don't forget your favorite wine to go along with dinner. Soft music is great to listen to while having this romantic night, and slow dancing while holding each other tight is ideal.

Reminising about the past when you first met or looking at old photos that take you back to the times when you first started dating or when you got married will be very enticing for further intimacy. Setting the thermostat to a cozy level in the bedroom will keep you nice and comfortable once you two hit the sheets for some afternoon delight, and it doesn't hurt to have nice Egyptian cotton or silk sheets on your bed; don't forget to give each other a nice massage to put you in the mood for love making.

If you have a hot tub or just a plain old bathtub, surrounding your tub with aromatherapy candles can be very breathtaking, especially when you are wrapped up into each other in the tub. Later you can feed each other strawberries and whip cream or any other finger food snack that you'd consider a romantic delicacy. After an intimate moment, sometimes you can be a little hungry.

Watching romantic movies together like 91/2 weeks, When Harry Met Sally or the Titanic can put you in the mood for romance anytime. So it is a good idea to go to the video store before your romantic weekend kicks off.




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