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Things men do that piss off women

Updated on May 25, 2019

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What Irritates you?

Have you ever been irritated with your significant other and thought if anyone else has the same problems in their relationships? Well, as it turns out it may not just be in you, but in millions of relationships across the U.S.A. As it turns out, there are certain traits and habits that men and women have in common within their gender. I had asked the question; “What are the things men do that piss you off” to a large quantity of random women in their twenties located all over America. I then asked the opposing question to men who were also in their twenties. We will start off with the things men do to irritate women.

Women all over the country had a similar complaint about how their men are giving them their attention. If you hadn’t guessed it already, coming in at #1 is poor listening skills. Women all over are pissed off that they can hardly talk to their men. As one woman put it “It’s like talking to a vegetable, you continue to talk but no one is home”. It isn’t just that they are not listening. It is when they interrupt you with a question completely unrelated to what you’re talking about. I am certainly guilty of both of these myself and received a good chuckle from such responses. Another closely related issue is having selective hearing.

Coming in at #2 is saying they will do something later or tomorrow. Well women, does the job ever get done? And more often than not how often do you end up doing it yourself? Just the other night my wife had asked me if I was going to call the bank. I said I would do it tomorrow, and so tomorrow has arrived. Did it get done, absolutely not. What was so important that I couldn’t spend 20 minutes to call? I was slaying dragons in the world of Skyrim.

#3 Leaving the toilet seat up, you would think that living around women all their lives they would be used to this notion. But, it rarely happens, unless they have to take their 3rd poop for the day. It is common courtesy that if you should lift the seat up, you should put it back down.

#4 is Unable to make a decision. In today’s world women are constantly on the move. They balance work with family life and are always making the decisions. They choose what to eat, where to go, what to do and when time comes for men to make a decision they simply say “I don’t know, what do you want”. Sometimes a woman just wants her man to treat her and make all the decisions so she can have her time to relax.

Another thing women are getting sick of is #5 being the brunt of a joke. How often do you hear kitchen and bad driving jokes? When in reality you can drive his lifted truck better than he can. You just laugh and chuckle while back in your mind you know the truth. Little do men know they may be hurting women more than they think, even though they are “just joking”.

Sweeping in at #6 is making everything about sex. There isn’t much to say about this one as it speaks for itself. Personally speaking, if you enjoy it why not do it? Let us fight the growing obesity epidemic once and for all.

Women, with all the little things you’re men do, you should be fuming. But, most of the time you remain cool and calm right? Yet, you keep getting asked “is something is wrong”? When in reality there isn’t which takes the #7 spot. To contribute to this, is for them to ask the same question when there is something wrong but should know what they have done to upset you.

Last but not least #8 Him not trusting you I believe that the last one really depends on the individual. Believe it or not the woman may be to blame as well. An extreme example of this is if the woman is going out to clubs every night. It may be you’re way to have fun, but let’s face it, under those circumstances trust may be hard to come by. But if you are going out with your friends for a night and he is upset, then you may have a problem (unless of course you have had a previous history of getting promiscuous while drinking).

There you have it, the top things that men do that irritate women. But, it takes two to tango, in other words, women are also a part of the problem. Be sure to read "Things Women do to Irritate Men" and feel free to leave your experiences in the comments below as I do enjoy reading them. Stay tuned for more of my hubs about Gender & Relationships.


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