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Things Men Shouldn't Say to Women

Updated on January 6, 2021

Saying the wrong thing inadvertently

It can happen many times that a man is convinced he's paying a woman a fabulous compliment, a statement that will make her feel like the queen of the universe. But in actuality what you're doing is pissing her off and creating a detrimental effect. You might be planting bombs that will detonate later on, leaving you shocked and charred to the bone.

One of the worst things a man could say while in bed with a woman is "You're the best I ever had." In your mind you could be thinking you're giving her maximum praise, that you've never experienced so much pleasure with anyone beforehand. In her mind though, she is thinking of all the women you had before, and that she's latest one.

Outright comparison is detrimental

Comparison in any form can have a negative effect. In your own head you could be thinking "Wow, Melissa is much kinder to me than my ex Jessica." But if you say that aloud to Melissa, then you're forcing her to start thinking of Jessica. She's aware that Jessica was your previous girlfriend, but she wants that girl abandoned in your past.

If you tell Melissa that "I have a lot more sexual chemistry with you than I ever did with Jessica," you're hauling Jessica into your current relationship just by mentioning her. And not only that, but Melissa will imagine you having sex with someone else, which can be quite unpleasant.

The better way to say it

And yet with some graceful wording you can pay your girlfriend the grandest compliments, expressing everything in your heart without marring it with statements only an unempathetic fool would make.

So instead of telling Melissa "you're much kinder than Jessica," you could say "no one has been so kind to me before." Like this, you don't conjure a specific woman in your midst and your romantic/sexual past remains in the fog and shadows. You could even say "My mother is the only other woman who treated me as nice as you (without the sex, of course)." That wouldn't have the same bite as mentioning an ex-girlfriend and also contains a soft humor.

And if you want to let your girlfriend know she's the best you ever had in bed, then you must say it without bringing your past sexual relationships into it, though it can be challenging. I mean, how to tell a woman she's the best without inadvertently calling up your previous experiences? And it's more difficult to say things carefully in a moment when you're intoxicated on passion.

For example, you could tell your woman that is the first time you've been to heaven, instead of "no one's vagina has felt as good as yours." Or if you're feeling particularly rapturous you might say "I see the face of God when I'm inside of you. I've never seen His face before." Or even "sex with you is the greatest experience of my existence."

Though you don't have to make statements as outrageous, blasphemous and outre as the above, it hints at the method with which you could compliment your girlfriend without an ex's ghost haunting the space between you.


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