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20 Things That Women do Better Than Men

Updated on December 11, 2016

Keeping faith with what I promised earlier when I wrote the hub 10 things men do better than women, I am now going to present to you some of the things or areas where I have observed women generally do better than men. Once again, these opinions I am expressing in this write-up, happens to be my own personal opinions arising from my own personal observations and convictions.

In fact, to tell you the truth, they are nothing but just some interesting discussions I had with myself! I don’t want to go on and on reminding you that you should not take any offense when and where you start thinking it is a direct attack on your person rather I just want you to smile and nod in agreement with me or shake your head in disagreement – with yourself, of course!

OK with that out of the way, let me now proceed with mentioning those areas where I think women will always beat the men hands down.


Give it to women when it comes to endurance. Women can endure! When I see some terrible things, difficult situations and traumata that some men put their women through and these women will still manage to cope, I can only shake my head in bewilderment and respect for these special human species called women. In some religions, women are not even allowed to come out and mingle freely in the open and they have to stay indoors almost like prisoners. Some are even required to completely cover their faces any time they appear in public.

Men also put women through a lot of emotional torment in relationships and marriages, women go through a lot of pains and stress in childbirth and raising the children while maintaining the home.

Right from her birth, expectations are so high on the women side not necessarily for them to succeed in life but rather for them not to bring shame or disgrace upon their respective families. Women are the ones that are facing the intense pressure to get married more than men. Women struggle so much to keep their marriages and if a man cheats, women takes the blame for his randiness plus skirt-chasing habits or for not knowing what she would have done to keep her man.

Sometimes, I wonder how women are able to do all those things from taking care of the home and the kids, cooking for the whole family, doing all the cleaning and other house chores, and even going to work while the men just seat back in the parlor to watch some TV or do nothing in particular and it looks normal after all it is a man’s world.

But then, I have come to realize it is simply because women have the capacity to endure more than men which is why they are more able to deal with frustrations and the ups and downs of this life much better than men. I know that if it is a man, from my own personal experience, he will simply burst and start complaining about nothing and everything.

I recall a story I once read about a man who thought he was doing more for the family by going out to work and providing for the family financially while his wife stays at home to take care of the children and their farm. So one day, out of complain and anger, he got his wife to agree to trade places with him. In the morning, the woman left for work. But the man really went through hell as so many things kept on calling for his attention throughout that day. He couldn't cope with the children and their cries. He couldn't cope with the animals that needed to be fed and the cows that needed to be milked. When his wife came back that evening, it was the man who told his wife that he will be the one that will be going to work tomorrow and forever, as a matter of fact!

I know this might not be the right time to say it but I will still go ahead say it because I may never get another opportunity to say it. This one goes out to all the women in the world – to our mothers, to our sisters, to our girlfriends and our wives. You people are so great and although we may not want to admit it, we already know that we are so lucky to have you ladies in our lives.

Reading Body Language

Women are more advanced than men when it comes to reading body languages that people put out. This could be the reason why most women are not so overly concerned with the physical appearance and beauty quite unlike the men rather they are more interested in who he is and what he represents because they already know that appearance can be deceitful since all that glitters is not gold. Men are not so fortunate in this regard. As long as the girl looks sexy and hot, then she can easily become the girl of their dreams!

I have heard some people say that if a woman allows you to ‘deceive’ her into doing some things like…for example…you know? It is simply because she wants to do it with you or for you. The truth is that she already knows what you might be up to even before you know it simply because she can read you very well. Women are naturally endowed with this ability to read people so that maybe they will be able to scan the type of men they will allow into their lives.

But body language is not only the way we communicate. Women are also more adept in understanding words and the powerful meanings. This might be attributed to the fact that women listen much better than men and they are always waiting to hear the cue words which will trigger how you really feel or what you really mean.

What this really means is that women are better judge of people than men because it is only a woman who can easily tell how much a guy is worth just by mere looking at him. In fact, a friend who was complaining that he didn't like the way women were beginning to flock around him was told to shut up immediately and enjoy all the attention because obviously those women are already seeing in him what he is yet to see in himself.

Spending and/or Splurging

Oh my God! Women can spend money. They know the necessary and important things to buy which they will surely buy. Funny enough, they also happen to know the things they shouldn’t buy because they don’t actually need it but which they will still eventually buy just for shopping sake. Even on the virtual online world, I have read so many reports and surveys that stated that women do buy more than men!

They call it shopping and they say it’s fun. Like it or not, women know how to spend money. Men might think they know how to make money but a woman once said to my hearing, “what is the fun of making money if you cannot spend it?”

Damn! It was supposed to be a rhetoric and it wasn't actually directed at me but I kind of agreed with her when I shrugged my shoulders, you know?

Women also know how to splurge too. A woman can easily launch into a sudden and extravagant buying once she gets the urge to buy anything she feels like she can afford to buy. On a very good day, if you are a guy and you happen to catch a woman’s fancy and she decides to spend and splurge on you, you will surely feel blessed because she might end up buying the whole shop for you!

That’s women for you!

This nature of spending or splurging better than men has also its drawbacks because even though they might not admit it, at least to your face, some men may not be all that comfortable with it as they tend to see the woman as being wasteful.

I can recall the day at a restaurant where a very pretty looking girl got the hate and bad-mouth treatment from some other guys in the bar simply because she had the audacity to eat only a small fraction of the food she ordered and even made it worse by having the audacity again to drink only half of the Coca-Cola she also ordered before taking her leave.

Who the hell does she think she is? Was she trying to front for them that she was a ‘big girl’? These guys quickly concluded that the only reason why she could do such a detestable thing was simply because she was spending NOT her own money but most probably the money of one of her numerous boyfriends plus sugar daddies!

There was a quiz in which a shopaholic human being was said to have more than one hundred different pairs of shoes and the questions asked was this: is this person more likely to be a man or a woman?

Now, I put it to you. What do you think it? Is it more likely to be a man or a woman?


Women are more adapted to multitasking than men. Women are more adapted to multitasking as it comes naturally to them. What this means that she can comfortably divide her attention amongst so many things that might be calling for her attention at the same and still be able to handle all of them to the best of her abilities.

I know I said earlier that men can be able to figure out how things work much better than women because they can concentrate much better but that could be a problem because many men do not have this wonderful ability to divide their focus like women. When a man is watching football, his concentration is solely on the game and nowhere else. Similarly, if he’s doing some mental work like computer programming or data analysis, his attention is most likely not going to be easily divided.

But a woman can comfortably be answering the phone while doing some kitchen job or typing on the computer and yet she’ll be watching over the kids while watching the television or listening to some song playing in the background.

It is really amazing!


Women are naturally good in persuasion. They automatically know how to use all the persuasive techniques that nature has bestowed on them abundantly to get things done.

Quite unlike men whose best known persuasive technique is usually brute force, women can use their soft voices, their appealing and seductive eyes, their succulent soft bodies, their apparent submissiveness, their defenselessness, the popular “weaker sex” fallacy and even their ability to constantly nag very well all to their own advantage to persuade or even manipulate things to their own favor, as the case might be.

In some homes, men claim to be the head but they know that they are actually figureheads as the real head is the woman because she will be the one who is going to have the final say for the interest of peace (and continuation of sex, of course)!

Some women are also experts in subliminally planting thoughts into men with their ability to suggest things while playing the neutral card at the same time. In fact, a woman is more likely to get help in any difficult situation than a man just because she’s a woman, most especially if she’s very pretty and has got some nice figure to go with the pretty face.

Let me tell you one secret: if you want things to be done and done fast enough and you have tried everything you know to get people (mostly men) to comply to your directives or follow your lead and nothing seems to work and you are at your wits’ end, then I think it’s time to bring in a woman to facilitate things because you may find it hard to believe but in some cases, the best man for that type of job is a woman!

Bottom line: There is something so lovable and almost mystical about women that men just can’t resist since creation.

Withholding sex

Aha! Women are experts in doing this and men cannot compete with them in this area. No sane and virile man will even try!

Women have earlier learnt to put so much price on sex but you don’t have to blame them for doing that because it is men that are actually responsible for that with their insatiable desire for sex. Some say women do this because they are always at the losing end of the sex game should things go awry with things like pregnancy and abortion.

It might be true or not but one thing I know for sure is that like the proverbial bird who had learnt how to fly without perching thus making hunters learn how to shoot without aiming, women have mastered how to use this sexual power over men. I don’t know how it happened but some of our women have even taken this so far to the extreme extent of “no marriage; no sex!” in the dating game.

Now, being someone who loves the idea of having sex much more than I love the idea of commitment, I guess you can now easily see why I am not complaining about this latest terrible development, huh? Whatever happened to non-committal sex? I thought they said women even enjoyed it more than men! I thought the whole thing was supposed to be a give and take natural process, huh?

Damn it!

But then, like I earlier stated before, women should not be entirely blamed for doing this after all, you have to use what you've got to get what you want, or don’t you think so?

Sorry guys.

Lying about their ages

A guy might be able to lie about his ages but for how long? Soon responsibilities in the form of settling down and starting a family starts to materialize coupled with that inherited bald head of a thing and we easily know how old he is. Also, you can easily guess how old a man is by the things that come out from his mouth but since most men actually happen to be overgrown babies, the age thing then is not all that important when it comes to men.

But not so for the ladies. Women know how to give off different ages to suit different situations! Oh, now I get it, you thought age is nothing but just a number, right?

There is this thing about age that women hold so secretly to their hearts and they don’t want to disclose it so openly or freely like a very closely guarded secret. I guess it is always something to do with dating and marriage coupled with that wishful desire to remain young forever because it is a well known fact that as a girl appreciates in age, her desirability in the eyes of men who might seek her for dating relationships or for her hand in marriage actually depreciates.

So it becomes imperative and very sensible for any wise girl to simply learn how to falsify her real age and they can easily get away with this because quite unlike what is obtainable in men, the transition from a pubertal adolescent to a full grown women often happens so fast in women thus giving her the excuse to assume any age she wants most especially between the ages of 18 - 30.

See girlfriends, I am not saying that you are telling lies about your ages after all I wasn’t there when you were born. All I am saying is that I am having hard times in discerning the reason why you have remained 23 years old since the past three years!

Gullible and religious

For some inexplicable reasons, women happen to be more gullible than men. So in the course of this interesting discussion I was having with myself, when I finally decided to ask myself why this might be so, myself told me that it might simply be explained by the fact that while men are mostly logical in their thinking, women happen to be more emotional in their thinking.

Women are good in “seeing” clearly the sweet mental and fantasy pictures that a con artist might be trying to paint in the minds of his victims more than men. All you need as a con artist is to be able to sound very convincing, have some vivid, colorful or memorable presentations to completely short circuit any possibility of logical thinking in your target while giving her some opportunity for her to run away with her own imaginations and you have yourself a possible candidate for manipulation, extortion, abuse or even deception.

A clear example was the recent case of a girl in Nigeria who was invited to another part of the country by her supposedly Facebook “friends” on the premises that they will help her buy some cheap merchandise she was dealing on and she went to see them only for her to be murdered in cold blood by those guys after abusing her. So many people blamed the girl for visiting those strangers while some other people concluded that it is the birdbrain, myopic and dumb nature of women which easily opens them out for such abuse.

Since I don’t like that birdbrain term because it really sounds derogatory to me, I would rather go with gullibility. The fact is that women are more gullible than men. Women tend to find it easier to believe in things no matter how ridiculous or strange it might sound or be. Being logical can actually kill the fun and women are fun-loving beings.

I strongly believe this gullibility in women is also responsible for women being more religious than men. Religious stories and miracles which really require the utterly confounded for them to be believable or real are surprisingly easily believable by women and it is simply because of this fact that women are more gullible than men.

Being Kindhearted

Women are generally more kindhearted than men. I don’t know why this is so but I believe it will always have something with motherhood and childbearing. I believe a woman will most likely show you some level of kindness because she instinctively sees you as her child or the child of another woman. No wonder children tend to like their mothers more than their fathers probably because of this same kindness.

Nothing is as enjoyable as dealing with a kindhearted woman. In fact, the beauty of a woman can easily be accentuated with her acts of kindness. A kind woman will always go out of her means to treat you good. She will take your problems as if it was hers. She will do everything just to see that you are happy.

Men don’t have the time or the ability to do you all that good or show you all that kindness. In fact, when a guy shows you some level of kindness, two out of three times, there’s always an ulterior motive because he will most likely want something from you in return.

I am not saying that women don’t also want something in return for their kindness towards you after all that is human nature for you but the thing is that women are more prone to do something for you just for the sake of doing it without the expectation of any kickbacks or something like that.

Most men do appreciate this kindness from women which could be why the also tend to stay completely away from the unkind ones. No wonder, one of the worst things that you could encounter in your life is a very wicked woman!

Believe me; I know what I am saying.


How can I forget this one? Women know how to gossip more than men. In fact, come to think of it, do men even gossip? I don’t think so. Except for those minor occasions when they gather around the table over some beer bottles to discuss about the sweetest topic on earth which happens to be women and the juicy tales of their sexual exploits, encounters and conquest with those women or in those rare occasions where they gather around to discuss football, money and politics, I don’t think what men do can be classified as gossip.

But as for the women, it is something else. Gossips can be classified into positive and negative gossips and women happen to be specialists in both. They can talk about the latest fashion and the latest hairstyle, the latest home videos and the latest gospel music. They can also talk about themselves, their love lives, their friends and the latest happenstances in their respective relationships too.

That day I overheard some women discussing their sexual preferences in terms of penis sizes and sex positions coupled with the nitty-gritty details of the escapades they had with some rough guys they just met and rolled in the hay with was an eye opener for me. So women do talk about such things too? I quickly feigned ignorance in their highly stimulating discussion and sold them the dummy that I am not listening by putting on my headphones so that I could clearly hear some more dirty things.

But that’s not all. I think women are also experts in spreading malicious gossips calculated to cause some problems and damage the reputations of some other people whom they consider as rivals or enemies.

This ability to indulge in gossips more than men has some benefits for women though. It has made it possible for women to share useful ideas from personal experiences between themselves hence it educates or enlightens them and puts them in a better position to understand men and so many other things but since men do not have time for such frivolities, men do not easily understand women because they don’t tend share such personal information like women do.

It also has its drawbacks in the sense that the more a woman is identified as a gossip, the less trustworthy she actually becomes and even some people she normally engage with in such gossips will warn you to always watch what you tell her.

Watching weight and looking pretty

Women are more concerned with how they look or how they appear in the public more than guys. This is usually as a result of the social pressure which is severely judgmental on the women while excusing men to pass for free.

A girl I was eating with one day told me that she eats only once a day and she doesn't drink water after meals because according to her, she was watching her weight as she doesn't want to become fat. I told her that it doesn't matter because personally I preferred women who look like women and have some flesh on their bodies and in the necessary places where I could always lay my grabbie and squeezie hands upon if you know what I mean but she told me to go tell it to the birds.

She said that guys are deceitful, that once they women become fat, we shift our attention elsewhere. I didn't contest that.

Women are so much concerned with watching their weight as well as looking pretty. I am aware that this trend is usually as a result of the perfect slim woman figure that the media and entertaining industry is subliminally selling to women nowadays.

Granted, a woman should know how to look pretty, should be very fit and should maintain a very trim shape as it will surely boost her attractiveness and I am not complaining about this in anyway because, just like many men, I am often guilty in judging women at first sight as first impression seems to matter so much to us guys.

A very pretty girl, or don't you think so?
A very pretty girl, or don't you think so?

The only problem I have with this pose is that most times, this attempt to always look pretty comes at such a heavy cost and pains on the part of the woman not minding that some men are not even all that interested in all that overdressing in the name of fashion and looking trendy which they even consider to be nothing but an overkill with all those cosmetics, chemicals and funny smells and as such is completely lost on them, guys.

Like one woman wrote in her blog, sometimes women in their bid to dress up and look pretty good end up dressing not for the men again but for other women! And that’s too bad, if you ask me!

But then, that does not take away the fact that women will always do better than men as that is solely one of their major concerns, or should I say occupation!

To be continued...


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