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Things to consider in a Long Distance Relationship

Updated on January 2, 2014

Long distance relationship is a type of relationship where a man and a woman has to endure the pain of separation for a while. It is a heart-wrenching kind that both parties has to agree on some terms set in the beginning of relationship. Although, it is hard and at times rocky, long distance relationship can be rewarding and fulfilling one.

Strong words about long distance relationship from people who endured it:

From Joplin Mary

Distance cannot kill this relationship. Time cannot breakdown anything we have. This is a relationship that I am ready to sacrifice and stand up for.

From Margaret Fill:

I have seen people who are living close by and living together breaking off and crumbling down. Nobody can convince me that long distance relationships do not work.

From Rhenish Zoe:

No matter where we land, your love for me will always have a big impact on my life. Like a clay is shaped by the potter, love has shaped my life.

From Ronan Ferns

Sometimes the clouds obstruct the sun just like this distance is obstructing our love story. I love you more than you can ever know and I am sure that these clouds will give way to blissful love.

From Hans Nouwens

In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.


Physical Aspects of the Long Distance Relationship

Before you are jumping on a long distance relationship, consider the cost of having nobody to be there with you at once. You might consider the lists below that requires physical aspects

  • Nobody is there when you want to be touch and caress with someone you love
  • When you want to be comforted when you are down, when things gone awry and wrong.
  • When you want to do some sort of activities that requires a partner
  • When you want to go to a party with your partner but your partner is not around.
  • When you want to go out on a Saturday night on a date

In any type of relationship, physical aspect is the most important part especially when you love the person so much. However, when you are in long distance relationship, this aspect might not be met. You have to be ready for not seeing your partner everyday. Not seeing him/her smile, put, get mad, laugh, eat or whatever the activities you both enjoy might be the challenging part of this type of relationship.

What is the secret of a successful long distance relationship?

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Emotional Aspect

At some point, this aspect could be met when both of you are willing to spend time to talk about anything under the sun. With the power of technology now a day, open communication is easy to develop in a long distance relationship. Mobile phones, skype, facetime, facebook and others are just countless of means to be connected emotionally. The only thing that emotional aspect may not be met is when one of you are not willing to compromise with your schedule. Some couples have to agree at some point about timings, especially when both of you are living in different time zone.

Cheating might be a problem

If you are in a long distance relationship, expect that cheating might happen. But don't blame yourself because according to statistics, cheating is not about you but the personality of the other person who cheated. While thousands of couples are doing great in LDR, many fall into the trap of unfaithfulness. Don't lose hope when it happens. Just be grateful that you find out the other partner's real personality earlier before you jump into a big decision called marriage.

Usually, cheating happens if both of you had isolate each other. Hiding each others' problem and not totally feel connected at all are just reasons why the bond isn't strong enough to conquer the temptations.

Expect 3 months or 4 months before you see each other again

When it comes to LDR, distance is your main enemy. If both of you are struggling financially, this is very hard for both of you. According to statistics, LDR is very challenging one when it comes to financial matters. If you are working in your day job with regular pay, expect more delay to see each other. Airfare, hotel, food and allowance must be considered when you travel to see your love ones. It is hard at first but when both are willing and wise about their budget, nothing is impossible.

Unless you are rich and financially able, twice in a month or once a month date would be great to stay positive in a long distance relationship.


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