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Things to Do When you Don’t have a Boyfriend

Updated on February 25, 2015

Trust God

It may sound too religious to some but it’s not actually. Knowing that there is Someone in control of our lives, which means He already prepared a boyfriend slash husband for us to be with. We don’t even have to worry because if God gave Eve an Adam even before Eve was created, that means He really knows our need to have a partner, a support and a lover. Look at almost all the characters in the Bible: Abraham has Sarah, Isaac has Rebecca, and Jacob has Rachel they even have concubines! But of course the concubines are not the part we want. The point here is to hope and believe. God is Love so He loves you to have somebody to love and be loved. That’s just how simple God works.

Don’t search for it

Love is not a commodity that you can find on a department store. You will end up exhausted and feeling helpless if you force to be in love with somebody. It will just come unexpected .It needs time. For those who have ex-boyfriends, it will just be a rebound relationship if you immediately search for a new one. For those who really don’t have boyfriends since birth, the same rules apply: don’t search for it. And don’t you dare go to those online dating sites. It is much better to know your date personally, you know as in to see him physically not just when the Wi-Fi is on.

Don’t panic

Panicking will only make you more stress. You can’t even think clearly if your mind is full of worst what ifs. Some of these what ifs are: What if I will never find someone who will be with me for the rest of my life? Or What if I will be the only one in my friends who are still single or What if there is really something wrong with me. Stop it. It is not helpful to you .It will just make you feel miserable; you will be stock in the rut and will never move on. Then if you are one of those special women who decided to not have a boyfriend but is aware she is not getting older, still don’t panic your patience in waiting for Mr. Right will be paid off. After all good things come to those who wait.

Know thyself

We are sometimes busy looking at the outside without taking the time to look at the inside. This is “me- time” moment. Take the time to discover yourself. Example of these are listing the things you like, you feel in certain situations, what make you genuinely happy ,what makes you upset, ideals, dreams or even write the qualities you want your boyfriend to have so that when you meet someone, you now have an established standards to guide you and save you a ton of time. Inventors spend their whole life to invent something great, why not spend some time for yourself? You might even discover great qualities you possess that others have already liked most about you.

Travel alone

Well this may surprise some because a travel can be memorable when shared with someone, but not all the time. Travelling can teach us a lot of experiences like being courageously independent, intellectually confident and incredibly joyful. Travel need not to be in another country, it could be at another state or province or even the strange museum at your hometown. One piece of advice here is bring a journal with you .It is so much useful from drawing directions, to jotting down the experiences you come across ,to writing a goodbye and thank you note from a friend you encounter in your travels.

Level up your career/studies

Leveling up ways to make you indispensable is numerous. Examples are to sign up for a free training in your company or learn other things that can make you outstanding in your career. For students you can maximize the time you spend on reading useful books or attending free seminars .This will make you confident and a superwoman anyone would like. But you are not doing these for others but for

Dive into hobbies

This is such a wonderful opportunity to use in engaging interesting or strange hobby that you have. When was the last time you picked up your guitar? How was that orchid plant you’re planning to grow? We all have the hobby that stirs our emotions to excitement, fun and relax mode. If in case you don’t have one, then it is the perfect time to know one. Some are into painting because they can express their inner emotions by combining exquisite colors. Others are into reading books because it stimulates their imagination. Pick your choice or choices. Nobody prohibits having many hobbies. In line with that hobby of yours, you can even make it a profitable business. Now that’s a win-win for you.

Get out with your other Loved Ones

Boyfriends aren’t the only one we loved. We always have our families and friends who will love us unconditionally. It’s the best time to bond with them and stop being on isolation or workaholic mode. There are many options to date your family or friends. You can have a simple dinner or movie night or go on a hiking. You might be surprise that they are not that annoying to be with but actually are someone who clicks the refresh button in your life. Being around with people that make you feel appreciated is best for your mood, moral and overall health. And it will make you realize that you are definitely loveable.

Time to do your Bucket List

I bet we all have written these bucket lists. If you don’t have one, why? Anyway it’s not too late to start. And now is the best time to cross out some of those wacky activities you put there. Start one each day. Come on don’t let those bucket list of yours be forgotten and hidden away. It will enrich you so much that you will feel to add another and another to your bucket list. Isn’t it exciting? Doing all your bucket list is a one big story you can also tell to your grandchildren and will inspire them also to dare to conquer the world!

Don’t Envy other Women who have their Boyfriends

Yeah it hurts a little to see those couple who are really sweet to each other or you see them holding hands .But hey, let’s be happy for them that they find each other. It can serve as a reminder that someday you will be like her with your boyfriend that will have a happy ending .It may sound very fairy tallish but it’s much healthier to think that way. And another thing, when someone asks you about not having romantic relationship, don’t be upset or uneasy or annoyed. Others may think it’s not really worth to have a boyfriend or that true love didn’t really exist. Just answer them that God is still writing the best love story for you.

Enjoy the moment

Every moment be good or bad happens for a reason. You just have to make good use of it. And being grumpy, worried and feeling miserable about yourself is not one of them. Think about it, when you get old and became a mother or grandmother, this moment in your life that you don’t have a boyfriend can be piece of advice you can say to your children and grandchildren. The independence that you have on your own time, discovering that it’s really not fatal not to have a boyfriend for the meantime, that you can genuinely enjoy Valentine’s Day with your friends or your friend’s child, they are all precious experiences. It will build you confidence and learnings for sure.


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    • kristinekaren profile image

      kristinekaren 2 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you Charito1962!Very true, it's not like the end of the world!

    • kristinekaren profile image

      kristinekaren 2 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you Charito1962!Very true, it's not like the end of the world!

    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 2 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Great advice! Nice to know you have a very positive attitude. Besides, not having a boyfriend means it's the end of the world ...ha, ha!

    • kristinekaren profile image

      kristinekaren 3 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you. I'm glad you find it motivating and encouraging.

    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 3 years ago from United States

      Excellent Hub, great advice, encouragement and motivation on a variety of things to do when you do not have a boyfriend. Voted up!!!