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Things to consider before saying farewell to your partner

Updated on May 20, 2016

People say it is normal for couple to argue, to quarrel, and to fight but it isn’t normal if you do it every other day with the same situation. When can we really and heartily say “I’ve had enough of this.”?

People also say marriage is a commitment, trust, love and respect in the same time. When one of that components are gone, how can you make the marriage work out and last. It is hard isn’t it? Harder enough if you are the only one who is trying everything to make it work and making extra effort to put things together. There are a lot of factors to contemplate upon if your decision is to separate ways.

Before anything else consider the kids. What will happen to them? What examples are the children could get if they know their parents wants to separate or be separated. I am not saying that this is the first in history, for there are millions of single parents around the world. But your kids should be your top priority before anything else. Their feelings should be considered.

On the other hand maybe it is better that to listen to your parents quarreling every now and then, cursing each other, banging doors, shouting. Think of how the kids would take that situation over and over again.

Second is financial factor, even if you are working; it is quite hard if you are going to support the kids but then it depends on the financial status. If you are well off, then this is not to be considered at all. You will have fewer worries to handle.

Third is the society. What ever the image you portray in the society, expect the judgmental comments and unending gossip behind you.

And last but not the least, the effect of it upon yourself, your ego and your sanity. It will have a great effect on yourself even if you are the one making the decision to let go. You will have ego trips, expect that. You will have also to consider the guilt feeling and the “what ifs” mentality. The process is long and it is not easy.

But then again you may have to reconsider the decision before spilling it out to your partner. Decide on whether you can handle these things and decide with clear and sober mind.

It is a different story if you are physically and mentally abused. In that occurrence, no need to think things over. Just go on with the split.

There are other things which haven’t tackled here that may be considered depending on the situation of course.

This is just the author’s note to self and may vary from person to person.

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