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Things to do and avoid when facing your ex again

Updated on June 14, 2014

Facing your ex

Facing your ex again

Do you dread the thought of facing your ex again? Bumping into your ex is not a happy thought at all. If you think that you have moved on and there is nothing between the two of you then you need to think again. Here are a few things that you need to do and avoid when facing your ex again.

Things to do

Plan things separately

If you work in the same office or have common friends then the chances of bumping into each other increases. If you are invited to the same party or event it is best to plan your entries separately so that you do not bump into each other. If your common friends are hosting a party you can politely ask them about the time so that you can plan separate entries and avoid bumping into each other.

Be warm and friendly

If you do happen to meet your ex at an event, you can still be warm and nice instead of giving him/her the cold shoulder. You can greet each other warmly and chat up on common things like the weather or food.

Talk with your ex

If you find your ex walking up to you and starting a conversation do not walk away. It can be embarrassing for your hosts and create a vicious atmosphere. Respond in a positive manner when your ex starts a conversation and do not answer in a sarcastic manner.

Be normal when around colleagues and friends

Colleagues and friends are sure to tease you or pull your leg when they see the two of you in the same event or party. Be calm and poised and take the teasing in good spirit. Do not lose your temper and say anything nasty in front of everyone.

Accept that your ex has moved on

Most often it is difficult to accept that the person whom you had loved the most has moved on with his/her life. Do not spit venom when you meet your ex or when he/she introduces you to the new love of their life. Instead of been cold, smile and greet the new love of his/her life warmly. This is a clear message that you have accepted the fact that your ex has moved on and that you can be good friends again.

Things to avoid

Acting abnormally

Do not get emotional and start acting abnormally around your ex. If you start crying and let emotions get the better of you, it can spoil the entire evening for you and your hosts. Be calm and composed and do not act in an abnormal way. You can cry your heart out when you reach home so that you can get rid of the hurt and pain of bumping into your ex.

Discussing the past

Under no circumstances should you discuss the past with your ex. There is no point in digging up things that can cause a lot of pain to both of you. Relationships end due to various reasons and bringing up the past and trying to pin the blame on each other is best avoided.

Avoid asking questions about their new love

After you have parted with your ex it is best to avoid showing any interest in their love life. Although you may be curious about their new love, you need to avoid asking questions about them as it can lead to embarrassing situations. Never compare yourself with the new love of their life.

Breaking up with your loved one is difficult and seeing them again regularly can cause a lot of pain but if you handle the situation in a calm and mature manner, you may be able to move on with life. There are many people who happen to be good friends with their ex as they did not let the past affect the present and future.


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