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A Gift that Gave Me a Face of My Own

Updated on August 12, 2013
Sometimes, some people treat you like a clown when they see that you are different.
Sometimes, some people treat you like a clown when they see that you are different.

Being Different Means You Are Unique.

I first learned that I am different when I realized that not all people understand the way I think in terms of, mostly, all aspects on how I see and understand life, relationship, decision-making, interacting with people and so many more. Because I am different, I honesty admit that I find it difficult to deal with other people given that there is a huge instance of misinterpretation that gets in the picture every time I share things, somehow I consider foreign but essential, that I've learned but a usual being don't mind. There are also point of views that I've learned which I value however creates conflict of ideas and of principles due to it has to do something on how different each individual is brought up.

Let me point one of the ideas that runs in my mind that only a few can understand me. This may sound idealistic however I find this idea a beauty:

A true friend won't let their friends decide wrong decisions that they will somehow regret all their life. This is one of the ideas that I have considered as a fact that once done together with action will be a sensitive matter to a friend. Due to this, I'm labelled as someone who is insensitive, judgmental, who knows everything, and is still living in a fairy-tale. One of the feedback that I received was that I should get real and face the fact that everything is not perfect. Disheartened but I need to accept it for everybody has the right to give an opinion. I just believe in this idea not because it sounds righteous or idealistic but it's because there is something more that I see. If someone will just ask me why, then I will be able to explain myself. I have witnessed and experienced that there are certain crossroads in life that once a wrong decision is done, you can never take it back. As a friend, I'm just sharing my point of view of what I think is right if I will be given the exact scenario that my friend is currently into. This is my simple way of doing my part as a friend who just care of what will happen to him or her in the future after the decision is set and done. I also see this idea as one of the best way to purify things before a person makes a decision given that after I shared my point of view, he or she will still have the final say and will still have my respect. At least, I did my part as a friend and that's the least yet noble way that I could do.

I maybe different and hard to get along with however this made me unique in a way that it help me look at life at its best.

Being Unique Means You Have An Originality.

As they say, being ORIGINAL is having "the ability to think or express oneself in an independent, and individual manner (" It is suppose to be a positive word however, according to my experience, it is sometimes labelled as being WEIRD specially if a person is showing an originality that is foreign to the environment where he or she is at, which may lead to isolation from those people who does and thinks the usual. It takes a brave heart to stand up for being Original.

During my teenage days, I struggled to express the uniqueness of myself. There was a thin line within me to give in, camouflage, be bullied and become inferior or to fight for it, stand up for what I believe is right and let others consider my opinions and point of views. I also did try to blend with the environment just to fit in for acceptance and avoid the limelight of special people who are very hard to deal with. As time went by, I have realized that "It is better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not" (André Gide, Autumn Leaves). I'm not giving the world the chance to really know me as me.

I'm thankful, in a way, that I was able to build the courage to show my originality as an individual who is unique and have some new things to share with the people around me.I may not please everybody however I'm still glad that I feel contentment in my heart knowing that it's not bad to be unique and to able to accept myself. It became an asset that I personally consider as an edge of expressing my originality.

Now, I'm proud to say that I maybe unique which makes me weird at times. However, my weirdness gave me this originality which also gave me a ticket of distinction that shines above all.

"Millions of men have lived to fight, build palaces and boundaries, shape destinies and societies; but the compelling force of all times has been the force of originality and creation profoundly affecting the roots of human spirit."-Ansel Adams

Having An Originality Means Having A Distinct Identity.

I have a passion for music. As a person who is inclined in expressing myself through artistry, I have to make sure that I will be able to deliver a piece with soul to give a distinct identity that could determine the message of a song. Just like every time I express myself with my close peers, they can identify that it is me who is talking when I speak for they know exactly how I deliver my words to a certain situation. They maybe few, however, they know the stitches of words that I otter even if it is in writing. Like a voice of an icon, we can determine him or her when we hear them deliver a song well with unforgettable rendition that could somehow leave a mark in our ears and could possibly struck our being.

Same as a brilliant performer, Originality has a very big role of creating a Distinct Identity to a society. It influences people to accept and follow the message that they deliver from that person that looks up to them. Once an individual is able to establish their Originality, they will have the capability to create a power to influence an environment that could somehow trigger a society on how they look at life, a possibility to change how a person decides to a certain crossroad. It's like a virus that is very contagious that no one can control once it gets in to whoever is influenced by it. It means that when a person who is considered of having an Established Distinct Identity with a combination of alluring influence, who was able to conquer their insecurities, and able to build an armor of intelligence to deliver and express what is in their mind will have the possibility to change how the world works. They have the capability to change what is WRONG of yesterday and make it RIGHT nowadays. Having this gift with perfection can somehow create a huge impact to those people who patronize what they believe in. Just imagine how a weird person can do when the time comes that he or she was able to perfect the essential things that they discovered which an ordinary person does not mind. It is really very scary.

Having this gift is not a skill that anyone can learn. It is inborn. The person who usually have this kind of gift is commonly the dirt-bag, geek classmate you've known before and you will just be surprised that this person is now a famous celebrity you see on the television or someone who is now the main shareholder of an elite organization. They can create astounding things however they can also create destruction depending on how they were treated by the society they grew up with.

On the brighter side, we need these kind of people to lead the world for the better. We can really never tell so I would suggest that we should not choose people whom we need to treat well with best foot forward.

As I evaluate myself, I cannot see that I am special however I can say that I am one of those different people who have a unique outlook in life, that created an originality within me and somehow molded a distinct identity that illuminates naturally and, sometimes, unknowingly. I have and will always have respect to people that are very hard to understand for I, personally, cannot conclude their being and put them in a box. Likewise, nobody can also put me in a box for I know myself better than anyone can.

Daylight Project by Maroon 5

A Distinct And Priceless Identity Is Like A Sun That Naturally Exudes Among The Rest.

As defined, IDENTITY is the distinctive characteristic belonging to any given individual, or shared by all members of a particular social category or group ( Such a very common word that the society may see it as one of the ordinaries, however, when combined with exceptional talent, will definitely create a deeper and significant meaning to anyone who will witness it.

I'm not a psychologist, however, as far as I've learned about psychological behavior, this idea is part of the Social Identity Theory where a key assumption in it is that individuals are intrinsically motivated to achieve positive distinctiveness( In my own point of view, an identity of a person will somehow become distinct and priceless if added with rare ingredients that will set him or her apart from the rest. Like food, we can identify the taste of apple from orange or pineapple from grapes, and so on, for each fruit has its own identity. But once processed and added with well-picked spices, fused together, striving to create a positive self-concept flavor, will surely burst a transformation that piles up a sensational taste that will become a Specialty.

As an individual, like some fruits that I mentioned, each of us have our own identity which I considered raw. With vast studies of identity behaviors, there is a tendency that we may able to identify or somehow box a person's characteristics based from factual results gathered and studied. I confirmed that I don't argue with facts for a certain case can never be considered as a fact without precise, long-term study from elite experts. On the other hand, anyone can strive to have a positive self-concept of distinctiveness. People who have skilled talents usually have this this kind of self-concept however there are also few who are born with natural distinctiveness. I may describe these individuals as special beings who are naturally born with exceptional talents that is undeniably priceless compared to individuals who have skilled talents. Skilled talent is, mostly, limited in a way that a person can be dependent from the teachings founded by facts while exceptional talent is natural that even without study and learning, it just comes out naturally.

To narrow down, I want to focus more on individuals with exceptional talents for these are people who are very crucial and prone to become an inspiration or a destruction to society. Due to they have natural distinctiveness, they are somehow treated differently by their surroundings. This is essential for me for, given the fact that they are prone to become a destruction to society, they need someone to guide them how to use their talents for the better good. Furthermore, the formation of one's identity occurs through one's identifications with significant others, primarily with parents and other individuals during one’s biographical experiences, and also with 'groups' as they are perceived( The most influential environment, for me, that develops a character of a person is the first community and that is our family. Parents have a very big role, if given a child that has an exceptional talent, in guiding him or her and nurture them with love and attention to instill in the child's heart and mind a positive outlook and a noble heart so that once he or she, someday, will be expose to a cruel society with discrimination, he or she will have the unlimited composure to handle hurtful situations with acceptance that he or she is different. Parents should guide their child to develop good values for him or her to create a positive self-concept.

Therefore, having a distinct and priceless identity is a result of having the desire to develop self-concept. It could be positive or negative, however, it depends on each person's decision. Given this fact, I personally consider this as one of the essential achievements, specially, if a person with natural distinctiveness will have a Positive Self-concept. Like a Sun, they will exude amongst the rest.

- Crypt Chronic -
- Crypt Chronic -


Being different is okay so long as you have a positive self-concept of distinctiveness. And it is always given that not all people will understand you. But who cares? What's more important is it makes you original and exceptional, that you know exactly where you stand and you know yourself better than anyone else can.

This is the gift that gave me a face of my own and no one can take it away from me.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite lines that I've heard from the movie, Taare Zameen Par - Every Child is Special..

(A temporary Art Teacher teaching his class..)

" Teacher: Friends, today I'll tell you a story about a boy.

Once there was a boy who couldn't read or write. No matter how hard he'd try, he couldn't remember that X came before Y. Words were his enemies. They danced before his eyes, frightening and tormenting him. Studies exhausted him. But who would share his woes? His brain was full. Nothing made sense. The alphabet danced in a disco.

One day, the poor boy failed under the burden of his studies. Everyone made fun of him, still he put up a brave face. Then one day, he struck gold. The world was amazed when his theory was told. Can you guess who he was?

Albert Einstein.

Correct, Rajan. Albert Einstein. A great scientist. The man who shook the world with his theory of relativity, Brownian motion, the photoelectric effect for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921.

Now, what's this?

Students: Helicopter.

Teacher: Not any ordinary helicopter.

This one was made by the great artist-inventor, Leonardo de Vinci. Who?

Students: (The class recited.) Leonardo da Vinci.

Teacher: Yes. He came up with this. A working sketch of a helicopter.

But when?

In the 15th century. 400 years before the first airplane took flight.

You know, Leonardo de Vinci had a great difficulty reading and writing. He wrote somewhat like this..



Teacher: Can you read this?

Students: No.

(The teacher then picked a big mirror and reflected the letters that he wrote on the board.)

Snapshot from the movie Taare Zameen Par - Every Child is Special.
Snapshot from the movie Taare Zameen Par - Every Child is Special.

Teacher: Now?

(Students, then, were able to read the letters by looking at the reflection and were astounded.)

Teacher: (Then the teacher asked a student.) Switch on the light please.

(A student stood up and switched the light on.)

Who lit up the world with electricity?

Student 1: Thomas Alva Edison.

Teacher: Absolutely right. Poor chap couldn't get his alphabet right either.

(The teacher then said to the student who switched the light..) Sit down. Leave the lights on. Let us bask in Edison's glow.

Okay, Everyone knows this guy? (Showing the picture to them.)

Students: Abhishek Bachchan!

Teacher: As a child, he found it hard to read and write. Now he rocks!

(The Teacher then added.) There are more.

Paolo Picasso, famous cubist painter. He never understood the number 7. He said, it's my uncles nose upside down. (Students laughing.)

Who's Mickey Mouse's dad?

Student 2: Walt Disney.

Teacher: Correct. Walt Disney.

Troubled by letters, he infused life into cartoons.

Neil Diamond, popular singer. He drowned his shame in songs.

Agatha Christie, famous mystery-book writer.

Imagine a writer who couldn't read and write as a child?

But why am I suddenly telling you all this?

To show you that there have been such gems amongst us who changed the course of the world because they could look at the world differently.

Their thinking was unique and not everyone understood them.

They were opposed yet they emerged winners and the world was amazed.

Let's dedicate today's art class to these famous misfits! "


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To visualize more about this article, I recommend you to watch the movies that I posted below. Some of it are just trailers however you can search the full length movie in the internet.


I'm looking forward for this blog to be helpful for the readers and I hope that you will share this with your friends whom you think can also relate. I'm also hoping that this could comfort and uplift the self-esteem of someone who feels the same way.

This is dedicated to everyone who I want this to make a person who has the same experience know that you are not alone and that you are special.

Thank you for reading.

I Remain,

Crypt Chronic

(Completed last 1st of August, 2013 & revised this 4th of August, 2013.)

All Rights Reserved.

Taare Zameen Par - Every Child is Special

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    • Crypt Chronic profile imageAUTHOR

      Adam Henritts Anita Mangayan 

      5 years ago from Mandaluyong

      To everyone who viewed this article..thank you! :-)

    • Crypt Chronic profile imageAUTHOR

      Adam Henritts Anita Mangayan 

      5 years ago from Mandaluyong

      Thank You.. :-)

    • Je Mang profile image


      5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      nice job crypt chronic! this is informative.


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