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Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Her

Updated on November 10, 2015
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Derek is an online marketer, worship leader, music teacher, and youth leader. He spends his time reading, writing, and being with family.

What's In A Gift?

You can ask any woman if she would want a gift from her significant other, and you would a unanimous YES! Now if you ask them what they want, then it becomes a different story; and we as men need a little help sometimes when it comes to finding the right one for our girl. The one thing a woman will never deny is a thoughtful gift from the heart. That's where this article comes in....

Here are some thoughtful gifts for her that will be sure to make her heart melt.

365 Day Jar
365 Day Jar | Source

365 Day Jar

One thing women will admit to is melting over little notes of love, and having a note for every day of the year will put the icing on the cake. This particular idea when viral on Pinterest a while back, but it is too good to not bring up for any occasion.

This project requires 3 different colors of paper (you will need about 22 of each) as each color will represent a particular category. They are as follows:

  • Moments and Memories
  • Quotes and Lyrics
  • Reasons Why I Love You

Now you're having to do 365 notes worth of romantic words, so I suggest that you take some time before the writing process and come up with hundreds (no pun intended) of little things you want to say to her before you attempt to come up with them on the spot. It'll take less time when you actually begin.

What I did to help me write them down was to use a note-taking app on my phone and write them as I go through my day. As one would come up in my head, I would immediately type it down on my phone and go on through my day. Doing that took no time at all, and I had my list of notes. I also put them down in the three different categories so I wouldn't get confused. I even have an app that tells me how many notes I've made (cheating, I know....)

Once you've come up with all of your notes, then you are set and ready to begin the next step which is to grab all your sheets and cut them up into 6 little pieces and get to writing! This part will feel like forever, but you are doing 365 notes so it's kind of expected... As you write them down, fold them in half and throw it into your jar that you intend to present to her.

NOTE TO SELF! Make sure that you are writing the right note to the right color. It would be a little awkward if you were to put them in the wrong category now wouldn't it?

Once that is complete, then you'll want to make a little sheet that describes what color belongs to each category so she will know what she is expecting when she opens it. She can also grab one that she prefers a certain day. (It also looks like you put more effort into it, and that is always a plus.)

And viola! There you have it! A beautiful 365 day jar for your special girl.

Here is a Book Folding Art project I did for my wife.  She loved it!
Here is a Book Folding Art project I did for my wife. She loved it! | Source

Folding Book Art

Now if folding origami is your style, then here is a perfect opportunity to let that talent shine! Folding book art is not only a great gift, it is super cost effective and quite thoughtful.

All you need is a book, printer, and a template for folding your book. For a book, I would look at some thrift stores or bargain book places nearby to get one that you're okay with folding. Don't do one that you might regret later, and you will want to figure out how many pages you want to fold. A lower amount of pages will be faster, but not look as detailed as one with more pages; but those with a higher number of pages will take longer. It's all up to you to decide. I like the more detailed look, so I choose around a 250-400 page range.

Now the template is something that you can either pick out for yourself using photoshop, gimp, or some other photo editing software. If you want to have a template already made for you, then you can find some so you don't have to look any further! Hearts, stars, or anything that is sweet and romantic will be a great choice. You can check out ukmaryanne's page on book folding templates if you want more info.

Now folding the book is the part that takes the most time, but it is so much worth it. I made my first one, and I'm already working on the second! They become pretty addicting when you get started. ( I would know...)

Below is a video tutorial by the same youtuber that helped me make my first folding book art, and I would recommend her over and over again. She really described the process, and gave me insight in other videos to make my own customized art. Her username is DIYMarta, and here is her tutorial on folding a heart.

Folding Book Heart Tutorial

Poems For The Lady

This can really be a simple gift, but it will open you up to pour out more of your heart and creativity into something that will be remembered for a lifetime. It doesn't take too much time either, and can be easily done over again.

Now it's only easy if you have a knack for making rhymes or using extravagant words. If not, then you may want to consider another path, but I'm not saying to throw it in the trash if you would like to give it a shot. In fact, I encourage you to try it at the very least. You may be surprised at what you can come up with.

The start to any good poem is knowing what you are trying to convey with your words. Are you telling her how much in love you are? Describing her beauty with fancy words? What about the future of you both together? The possibilities are endless, but don't write them all at once. It also gives you more opportunities to write about them later.

The next and major piece of the poem is the writing process. There is really no better way to start this other than to just start writing some ideas that sound good to you. I find that it is good to write in rhymes and to jot down any idea that works.

Some tips in the writing process can be reciting some thoughts in your head, and if they sound like an applicable phrase, write it! If it doesn't work, figure out what you can revise to allow it to work. Don't be afraid to give up and move on to a different idea though. Sometimes the best ideas come right after the ones you let go.

Another tip is to go to a website that has some great rhyming recommendations. Just type in a word that you want to rhyme with, and you are now looking at several words that can assist the writing process. Just don't expect anything creative to come out of orange...

Once you have enough content to begin piecing it all together, find the phrases that you want at the top and work your way down. Who knows? Maybe you want it exactly the way you started it. It happens more often than you think.

You can either make it look fancy on some computer software, or handwrite it yourself. Whatever you do, make sure you actually speak it out for her. It puts you in a position that she may have not seen you do, and it allows you to put the emotion and passion where you want it most. Let her hear it from you, and you will reach her heart. Win-win!


Photo Collage, Anyone?

This one has a little bit of prep work, but you already have a ton of photos that you can use to make this thing happen! It really isn't hard work, and it is a great reminder of great moments that you've shared together.

What you'll need is entirely dependent on how you want to present your photo collage. Hearts are always a cute idea, but you can make other designs as well. Some other ideas could be spelling out LOVE, a star, a cross, circle, or just something abstract. The options are practically endless.

Now you'll want to pick out all the photos that you like and put them in their own file of some kind. Decide how big you want this project to be as it will determine how many pictures you want to print out. 25-40 is probably a good amount. Not too big, not too small.

I like the next part because it involves the fun Do-It-Yourself stuff. You should have the shape idea that you're going for at this point, and you'll want to have some sort of cardboard backdrop that you can find at any local craft store. Draw lightly with a pencil or pen your shape, and then begin to glue the pictures inside the lines.

When you get to a point where you hit the edge of your line, cut the picture appropriately to fit the line. Easy as that! You can even cut up a few of the pictures inside the shape to give it more style and creativity.

If you really want to get a nice, clean finish; it would be wise to place it within a picture frame that will fit your masterpiece, or you can place a nice sheet of plastic over the front. Whatever it takes to ensure that it lasts a good while.

There you have it! A nicely made photo collage with all of your favorite moments! What girl wouldn't fall for that?

What Idea Inspires You?

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Candlelight Dinner

In practically every movie (and I mean EVERY movie), you will find a romantic scene where there may be a dinner with candle lights. Why? Here's a hint: Because it works on the girl!

It's a cliche, yes, but cliches are also okay to do. All you need to do is grab some candles and get something that she likes. It's that simple. If you really want to take it up a notch, get some roses or other flowers that she appreciates. Do it all for her.

Another add-on is to actually MAKE dinner. A woman surprisingly find it attractive when her man can cook (I found that out one night). Again, find something that she likes, and look up the recipe on pinterest or some other food site. They will spell it out for you if you need it.

Background music? Chick flick afterwards? Whatever you want! You can customize this any way you want to. Heck, you could even have a candlelight dinner AT a restaurant. I'd talk to the manager first before you start bringing your own candles, though. Wouldn't want to get kicked out now, would we?

What You'll Need

365 Day Jar
Folding Book Art
Photo Collage
Candlelight Dinner
Drawing Art
3 Sets of 22 Pages (Different Color Sets)
25-40 Photos
Pen or Sharpie
Folding Template
Cardboard Backdrop
Large Jar
Final Draft Paper
Glue or Tape
Manager's Permission (if dining out)

Drawing Art

Now this is a stretch for some, but it's always an option if you've never tried it.

The best way to go about this is to look up some ideas of drawings that you would like to do, and to find some styles that you want to do to your own creation. After all, you want it to be your drawing and not a copy.

Once you've established exactly what you want to do, then go ahead and start creating a rough draft of what you would like to do for your final piece. There is no rush, and you don't need to be too hard on yourself. You are creating something special and thoughtful, and that's what matters behind this whole thing.

Now that the rough draft is in place, you will want to transfer your idea onto a more refined paper. This will be the last changes that you can make, and then it is off to the details. You can look up some great how-to videos for shading, details, and other ways to enhance your drawing. When you are satisfied with your product, give it to your girl and see her reaction! She'll love you for it!

I've posted a video that I thought was really cool to draw below! Check it out for some ideas and tips!

How To Draw - Heart With Banner


With all of these ideas in mind, hopefully you have something to work with. Maybe you use the suggestions above or maybe you were inspired to do something different; but whatever it is, you are doing something sweet for your girl that takes time, work, and love. And that is what shows.

I'm not saying these are the pillars of showing that you care, but my wife loves these ideas as I have done them for her so I'm sure they will work for your's as well. The fact that you're reading this speaks volumes already, so you're on the right track! Keep it up!

If you have any ideas that you would like to share or you would like to tell me how these thoughtful gifts turned out for your girl, I would love to hear them! I love reading comments, so don't be shy!

Thank you!

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