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Three Secrets to Save Your Relationship

Updated on March 13, 2012

There are many things that can put relationships into jeopardy. Many couples think that the keys to a successful relationship are beyond their grasp. There are things that are going to be beyond our control, and the concept of compatibility is an essential component to a successful relationship. When you are in the process of struggling to save your relationship what are something’s that you can do to help save it?

With many relationships over a long period, there are communication and respect that is broken down. However, keeping them alive will help your relationship because you will be working together and not against each other.


One aspect of respect in communication is politeness. It shows that no matter how much wrath you are keeping inside you can show a little humility. You can lash out at your partner for not taking out the trash yesterday, or you can politely say, “Please, would you take out the trash.” If, you start the day by yelling or accusing most likely your day will go along the same route and you will end up going to bed angry. Remain calm and talk nicely to your partner about what is bothering you. If, you try and control your feelings of anger because your partner did or did d not do something you can start to present a positive change in the relationship. This in turn, will help them become more responsive to your feelings.

Quit the Blame Game

Relationships take two people. When there is only one person trying in a relationship it is going to become more difficult to establish responsibilities. This will end up with each person blaming the other person for the multitude of problems in the relationship. It is the opposite person reaction to this negativity that can change the attitude of the other. If, one person is more calm and helps positivity within the discussion the other will more likely calm down and try to talk it out.

The Communication Game

Communication is the absolute key to any relationship. Allowing both partners equal time to venting their frustrations and the opposite listening to what each other is saying then you can establish what the causes and effects are of the problems the two of you might be facing. Take opposite trunks in listening and communicating your feelings with each other. Let the other person talk for 10 minutes then you respond with your concerns for 10 minutes. With each person listening for 10 min alot can be accomplished. Let the next half hour or hour go and find ways to establish compromise or agreement with discussions and each other’s feelings about the topics discussed.

With these simple steps involving good communication and respect for each other, you should be able to save your relationship.


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  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida

    that is a good point. my next article ill add that about the relationships thanks :)

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Another tip is to try to think of things you've assumed your partner already knows. Often, we think we are so close that the other person should understand every detail of what we say when we never tell them. This practice should help us improve our communication skills so petty quarrels stop.


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